Green Veggies—Why do Kids Hate Green?

  • When my kids are under the age of 3, they seem to hate anything that is green. Just the sight of some green food is enough to make them turn their noses up. Why do my kids hate green vegetables? How can I get them to eat their greens?--Bonnie, Strongmoms facilitator

  • I think it the rumor must be hot in preschool "stay away from those greens!".  I can still remember my best friend hiding her broccoli in the plant on the dining room table.  I vote that we stage a movement against the anti-green rumors by showing kids how great veggies are!  How do we do this?  It's all about decorating them!  Ranch, cheese, butter, salt and pepper....  What else can dress up veggies?


  • Mine just lick all of the "dressings" off the green veggies!! LOL! I just keep giving it to them and usually in time, they start eating them, but sometimes it takes months!