Help me!! I hurt and am at a loss!!

  • thank u MommyLars22, all I can do is try, and I'm not a very shy person anyways, if I have questions or thoughts I usually blurt them right out, me and my oldest son have a working routine we been potty training since he was 2 1/2-3 months old, start ealier I always said, and in the past 8 days, I've been able to ask him if he needs to go, he'll say yeah or nah, but he knows it generally yeah he does, and I now have him realizing that the diaper is dirty and what he did to make it dirty, he is learning how to hold it the best the can, I'll ask him to catch it be fore it happens, I'm not perfect but he is doing splendid with this concept stickers for reward, we have a sticker for everday day the past 8 days, avg 7 stickers a day, and as many as 9 timeson the pot in a day, and it takes time, and my baby boy, is still fitting with me, but I got to sleep for about 3 1/2 -4 hours last night, though I'm still sleepy, I just almost give up but he's worth wearing me out daily, his health depends on me so I strave on being sleepy, exhausted, and wore down, but I can still find 2 very special reasons to smile every day, that's my boys. :)

  • You are an amazing mother to be working on potty training at the same time as breast feeding! Give yourself a major pat on the back!! Just wanted to say that I can tell how hard you have worked at this and both your boys are lucky to have such a dedicated mother. Never doubt what a great job you are doing. 

  • I can only try, but my old boy is doing great with the potty training, thank god I started when he was 2 1/2 months old, and Jason Finally ate at the breast last night like he was starving, he finally chow down, been waiting for him to do that. I'm so happy right now, even if he doesn't do it again, he at least did it once.

    Yeah!!! it's been rough and a struggle I didn't see coming, but right now it all feels worth it.

  • Whoa! Major victory!!! Good job! :-D Here's hoping he starts to do it more for you but at least he showed you he can do it! 

  • me too, still a day to day struggle but I can't give up, as long as I try to do my best, I have faith that it will get better with time. and Charles is my buddy he's doing awesome, I love how people look at me when they ask me how old he is and I tell them 20 months and we are potty training-all I gotta do is ask, and he loves the cheering he claps and yells "YEAH!" he throws those little arms in the air he's so happy about it.

  • So cute!! What a cheerful, happy little man. :-) And smart too! 

  • I had both my boys evaluated the other day-Charles is above average and doing more thing's then most 20 moth old, she had him at 48 month milestones but we meet his needs to the point he don't ask for more of anything, and he won't say his name, but that's an oral motor skill I need to give him more carrots and other foods he need to crunch on, and Jason has an oral motor skill issue that's why I'm struggle so bad


  • well, had my tubes tied yesterday, no more babies, now maybe I can concentrate on oral motor skills to get Jason to eat like he knows how to.. I'll have a few more evaluations before it's all done, but hopeful with some help I can get were I need to be and get Jason's little but more into eating and I'm working hard just to keep my milk in, now if only I could boost it up, 1 oz just aint enough and with out meds it's just not wanting to produce right.. but I haven't given up yet.

    pray for us to succeed

  • Hang in there - sounds like your boys have some special traits that need some attention but most kids have certain challenges that they face. Your being aware of them helps tremendously and they are blessed that you are so involved in their development! Will be cheering you on! 

  • Sounds like you are doing a great job and juggling so much at once. Give yourself some credit!!! You are trying to do a lot and your children are blessed to have you as a mom. I will keep praying for you and your beautiful family. 

  • well, the most I can think about is how much I don't know, and if I don't know then I can't put effort into it, so having some outside help well keep my boys where they need to be. I do a lot of thing and juggling the boys equally for time and attention is kind of difficult but a whole lot of FUN.

  • I agree - I LOVE my two boys! They are a crazy bundle of energy and exhausting but so worth it! Kids bring so much joy to our lives. :-) 

  • Jason went from 7lbs 12oz Oct 25 to 8 lbs 15oz Nov 4 2013 just had him weighed again at my Local WIC office on Nov 19 2013--he weighed in at 11lbs.. it's been a long hard road to travel, but it was totally worth it,

    THANK YOU--For giving me the strength to not feel defeated, 

    THANK YOU--For supporting me through this struggle,

    THANK YOU--For being there when no one else was,

    THANK YOU--For understanding

    most of all

    THANK YOU--For being a Friend..

  • Awww, you are so welcome! Every mother needs someone to share with and who will listen to her needs and struggles. I'm glad you joined the message boards!! 

    Go Jason!! He's getting chunky, I'm sure! Gotta love a chubby baby! 

  • That's wonderful news that he gained weight! Looks like you are on the right track! Have a great Thanksgiving!