New mommy with breastfeeding concerns. Maybe I'm just paranoid?...

  • I just had my first child, a little girl, on September 25th and have been breastfeeding exclusively since an hour after her birth. I am worried that she may not be eating enough despite the fact that she wets about 6 diapers a day, has about 2-3 bowel movements and all of the other signs of proper nutrition I've read are met. My only concern is that she always falls asleep and I don't hear her swallow all that often. I read that some babies are just quiet suckers but I'm still concerned. Am I just being paranoid? 

  • We believe your question can be best answered by a lactation consultant or your health care professional.

    You may also want to check out our Breastfeeding section Frequently Asked Questions: There are many tips and tools that can provide helpful advice on a variety of common feeding concerns. As with any issues your baby may be experiencing, we encourage you to talk to your health care professional or lactation consultant before making changes to your baby's nutrition routine.

  • I'd agree with AnswerDad - you may find it helpful to just get a one time appointment with a lactation consultant. They can really help set your mind at ease. A lactation nurse can weigh your baby on a sensitive scale before and after a feeding to determine how much milk she really transfers. This could give you a better sense of how she is doing with feeding. Perhaps call your hospital where you delivered and ask where you could go for a follow up! 

  • Hey Kristin - 

    Did you get things figured out? Hope you guys are on a good path! Let us know how you are!!