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  • I just recently gave birth to identical twin girls on October 31. We started breastfeeding in the hospital and everything was going good. They did have to be supplemented the first night, because I had some issues after delivery and they had to eat. But then was straight breastfeeding. Then on our first night home, the first two evening feedings went great... then came the late night feedings and they both refused my breast on both feedings. After being so stressed over it and worried they wouldn't get the food they need I decided to supplement, very hard decision for me as I was very set on exclusively breastfeeding/pumping. I started seeing a lactation consultant and they determined that the twins were only transferring 2/10 and 4/10 of an ounce out of the 2oz they should of been taking, but my breasts still had milk in them. So I started pumping 8ppd. So far I have only been able to pump 15oz for the day (being the most), when I need at least 40 oz to feed both girls in a 24 hour period. Just curious if anyone can tell me when you were able to have our supply established and if it seems like I may get there (pumping 15oz for entire day on their 9th day of life). 

  • We believe your question can be best answered by a lactation consultant or your health care professional.


    You may also want to check out our Breastfeeding section Frequently Asked Questions: There are many tips and tools that can provide helpful advice on a variety of common feeding concerns. As with any issues your baby may be experiencing, we encourage you to talk to your health care professional or lactation consultant before making changes to your baby's nutrition routine.  -- Julie, Strongmoms Facilitator

  • I have twin boys that are now 2, and yes breastfeeding can be very difficult at times. I did try to breastfeed. I had complications after coming home with them which put me on meds that I was not able to breastfeed and had to supplement. I did continue to pump to ensure a milk supply for when I could feed them again, however pumping was not very beneficial and I dried up. With my daughter (who turned 1 in August) I did have better luck with. Babies can go through "cluster feedings" while breastfeeding. This is when they will eat very slowly for hours. If that happens just be patient they will grow out of it. With my daughter an expert told me to produce a bigger milk supply to to pump every two hours, even if I just fed her. This will make your body think that it needs a bigger supply of milk. You will have to stick to it though. Set an alarm for night time. I know how tired you are and waking up even when your girls don't probably doesn't sound too fun. But this works! Just keep trying and DO NOT GIVE UP!!! One of the best things you can do for them right now is breastfeed. Good luck and believe in yourself :)

  • If your girls have not been transferring much from the breast, it'll probably take time for your body to realize it needs to ramp up the milk production. Since you only have been pumping for a day, give it a little time. Perhaps after a week, step back and re-evaluate. The body often responds to frequent milk removal and if you are pumping consistently, you will hopefully see your output rise. 

    Has your lactation nurse helped you find the reason your babies aren't transferring much milk? Sounds like you have the milk but maybe they need some intervention to be able to transfer it? Hang in there!! You are doing a good job and stuff like this takes a little time to resolve. Hugs to you!