How much should my 9 month old be eating......? Is she getting enough??

  • Just wondering if she is eating about the same as other babies her age.  She gets a 9 oz. bottle in the morning with her oatmeal.  Then another bottle the same size at lunch along with her jar of food.  Sometimes she will take another bottle in the afternoon, or we give her fruit or the Gerber puddings.  Then at dinner she has a bottle with her jar of food... just wondring if that sounds right or if she should be eating more??  What are your babies routines like on a normal day?  Thanks!!!Big Smile

  • I never worried about how much my girls ate their first year. Babies know what they need to eat. They'll ask for food when they're hungry and stop when they're done. Sounds like your little one is right on track.

  • I agree with Writemommy... you try to balance what your daughter eats, and it sounds like you are doing a good job. Read your daughter, and if you believe she is hungry, give her more. Trust your instincts!

  • I completely agree with writemommy and answerdad. The only thing I would add is that if she is gaining weight, that is another sign she is doing well.

  • If your baby seems satisfied with what you are giving her, i'd say keep it up. Let your baby be the judge of how much she wants. Babies are not like adults. If they are hungry, the will eat until they are satisfied, but they will not gorge themselves the way some adults do. Plus, if her pediatritian says she's gaining the appropriate amount of weight, that makes it all the better!