won't eat textures

  • I have a daughter who is turning one year at the end of July. The problem is, she will not eat anything that has lumps in it (the 3rd foods with small pasta balls). I have even tried to put a Cheerio in her mouth, but the second it touches her lip, she gags. I was wondering if anybody else had this problem and any solutions.

  • What has your pediatrician said? Your child may be entitled to early intervention services at little or no cost. There could be a therapist for this specific problem, so ask your doctor to recommend a course of action.

  • Yes, I have this EXACT same problem, same age baby, and I really need help too!! 

    So far, I have managed to get him to eat some of the pasta balls by getting a bit of the 3rd food on the spoon, then coat spoon with a 2nd food that he knows well.  But we still haven't been able to transition to a 3rd food on its own, and I really need advice too because we want for him to start adult table foods soon and he won't do it. 

  • my little grl hated to eat the 3rd foods here dr told me to put her in her high chair and give her  soft whole  foods  things that would mash real easy  and she loved them  she loves eating all kinds of foods now but still wont eat 3rd food