not emough breast milk - HELP!

  • I have a 10 days old baby.  I first introduced her bottle.  Then I changed to breast feeding.  So she seem like having problem latch on my nipples.  Therefore, I brought a pump and pump every 2 to 3 hours.  But all I got is about 2 oz of breast milk in total.  That's not enough for her.  I need help to see anyone can advice me about how can I have more breast milk for her.  Someone said message my breast, but how long?  Or is there any other effective way?  Thank you very much!

  • The absolute best way to increase your breast milk is to make sure that you are pumping or breastfeeding every 2-3 hours AROUND the clock. Many moms pump throughout the day and then don't at night. If you do that, then your body will begin to make less and less milk. Also, you want to be sure that you are staying well hydrated. If you think you are drinking enough water....then DRINK MORE. Most new moms remember to feed their babies, but fail to drink enough water themselves. As a result, their milk production diminishes.

    If you are having trouble with her latching on, you can try and buy some inexpensive breast shields at your local drug store. Target, Walmart etc all carry them. They basically look like silicon pasties and they attach to your nipples to give your baby something to latch on to. If you choose to try the nipple shields, remember that they are a temporary measure. While you use them, you should be trying to get your baby to latch on without them. When I used them with my oldest child, it took him about 2 weeks to get the hang of it without the shields.

    If you still need some more help, talk to your pediatrician or call your local la leche league and they will be happy to help you. Good Luck and congratulations on your new baby.


  • Man, I wish I would have stuck with it! It was so hard knowing that I wasn't producing enough for her! This post would have helped me out alot. My lactation consultant didn't mention the breast shield when I was in the hospital!

  • What really worked for me was drinking alot of water... I was also having a hard time getting my milk to come in too and some one asked if I was drinking enought water.... I realized I wasn't and after a couple of days of watching how much water I was drinking and drinking more water it seemed my milk came in alittle better.... Don't get yourself to upset about it. It does take time and before you know it you will be pumping out 4oz to 8oz total!!!!

  • having had a baby in the nicu for 2 months i had such a variety of breast milk amounts.  What others have posted about drinking enough water and pumping around the clock is true, but i was also told that calories and sleep are huge in being successful in getting breast milk.  you must eat increased amounts of fruits and veggies and your diet should be the same as during pregnancy but just with more calories.  The nurses also told me that you must be rested in order to get milk production to increase.  One nurse i had told me because of all the running back and forth i  was doing was why my production was down.  some women have milk and some don't and don't get upset just do what you can and similac that is the closest to breast milk will help make up the difference, so my baby gets half and half.

  • If she's having trouble latching on try putting a regular bottle nipple (small enough for her size) around your nipple and have her suck on that. I thought it was weird when the nurse told me to do it in the hospital but it actually worked and helped her learn to grasp it in her mouth and suck hard. The milk did also come out my nipple, through the bottle nipple and into her mouth. After doing that a couple of times she finally latched on good to my nipple without using the bottle nipple at all.