Am I drying out? Should i stop pumping? HELP

  • Hi! the same is happening to me! My two week old baby has formula plus breastmilk! Im not really producing enough milk & my baby is always very hungry so I give her Similac Advance Formula as well so she can get full! Im pumping as much as I can now but I only get like 4oz a day! Its a little frustrading cuz I want to give her more!I love her so much,all I want is whats best for her!!!

  • Talk to your doctor about ways to increase your milk supply. Sometimes there are medicines they can give you to increase your can also try to establish breastfeeding. Babies can get soooooo much more milk out of your breasts than a pump can. Personally, I have trouble letting down milk for the pump, but my baby gets tons out. Contact a la leche league group in your area for ways to establish breastfeeding. It takes  time but it is worth it.

  • ok! I will try breastfeeding only but... How do I know shes eating enough? Since she always wants to be latched on!  Im sorry,yhis is my first baby! I am a bit worried! So by breastfeeding her more,the more milk I will produce?

  • mommymimi82, yes, in theory, the more you breastfeed/pump, the more milk you will produce.  The more you demand from your breasts (by feeding/pumping), the more it will supply.  I had the same concerns.  Boht pediatrician and lactation consultants said the following: aside from buying special scales to weigh the baby before and after each feeding to determine how much she eats, there is no sure way to know how much your baby eats.  You can observe her at each feeding (is she content after each feeding or is she asking for more?) and in the long run (is she gaining weight?  is she thriving?)

    Good luck!

  • Your baby will appreciate the special time together when she gets to breastfeed, and as she gets older it will make her transition into toddlerhood easier.   So keep pumping, mama!  If you don't get a chance to drink water that often during the day (Sometimes I get caught up doing things as well), you can chug a big glass of water at lunch and when you get home.  It will help.

  • Yes! The more you breastfeed, the more milk your body produces. In fact, your body will begin to produce EXACTLY the amount your baby needs. The more your baby sucks and nurses, the more it will produce so it can continue to meet your baby's demands as she gets older.

    While it is true that you will not know exactly how much your baby is will be able to watch your baby for clues that she is getting enough to eat. Is she eating and then content and sleeping or calm for the next 2-4 hours? Is she rooting eagerly and fussy too soon after breastfeeding? Is she having wet and dirty diapers throughout the day?

    If you are still worried, talk to your pediatrician and/or a lactation consultant to put your mind at ease. Breastfeeding is a natural process, but it does take time to establish. Good luck