Squirmy feeder

  • My DS is just turning three months. He takes 5-6 oz. 6 times in a 24 hour period. The past few days he's gotten REALLY squirmy during feedings--I finally had to put him in his highchair and even that wasn't great, but at least I didn't feel like I was going to drop him. It's like he doesn't want to take the formula, but he takes it--even though he is squirming like crazy, he's still sucking away. Sometimes he grimaces and acts like he doesn't want it, but when I take the bottle away, he makes the sucking motions with his mouth and whimpers. If I give it back, he takes it most of the time, but still squirms. Any advice?

  • sounds like it could be reflux. same thing happened to us - she got squirmy during feeds, became visibly uncomfortable and then started holding food in her mouth and turning beet red. doc determined it was reflux and she's now on meds. speak to the doctor about it - also does your son bring his knees up after he eats or arch his back while squirming? these are more things to look out for which could indicate reflux. good luck.

  • I have heard that some babies get really fussy during feedings when they start teething. My little boy will be three months old in a couple days and started teething several weeks ago. That was when he started getting fussy while feeding. Has your son started drooling a lot more?

  • Yes..I agree. It sounds exactly like reflux. In the NICU, the majority of our babies have reflux and it is challenging feeding them. They grimace, groan, squirm and arch through the entire feeding. The reason is that while they are drinking, the reflux begins and makes it feel bad to drink.....even though they are hungry. Imagine eating a double cheeseburger when you have heartburn!!!

    Talk to your doctor because there are medications he can prescribe to help your little one feel better. Luckily, in time, the reflux will get better and you will no longer need the medicine. ACT soon though, because untreated reflux can snowball and lead to sore spots in the esophagus. Good Luck and let us know how it goes!