Nursing in public

  • I hope they can make several "Nursing Stations" in public areas..

  • I agree about family but mostly my husbands Family. Perhaps it's becuase its just strange to have his dad want to watch over my sholder and look at my boobs! I was confronted by a stranger with my first child who thought it was wrong to show myself in public. My respons was " Really!!! He covers more than those dam pastie bathings suites you see at the BEACH!!!! Get over it!"Stick out tongue Now with my second child I really dont care except with my husbands dad. Really just strange!! Yuck!

  • I have always been one of those people that feels it is inappropriate to nurse in public.  Don't get me wrong, I understand that moms are going to BF when their baby needs it, etc.  As long as a cover or receiving blanket is used I don't have problems with it.  I do however think it is tacky to BF without any cover whatsoever. 

    I am sure the time will come when I have to consider BF in public and when that time comes, I will go out to the car to take care of it where I would be more comfortable and not so stressed.  Even when at home with family and friends, I would excuse myself and go into my bedroom or bathroom and take care of it rather than BF in front of them.

    It is just the way I am and how I feel about it.

  • Once my DD turned 7 weeks old she would not tolerate being covered with a blanket or nursing cover.  Plus it gets hot under there.

    Also, we had challenges with nursing so I had to see what was going on--watch her latch. I couldn't do that through a blanket.

    There are a lot of nasty germs in a bathroom; no one should eat in a bathroom.

  • I nurse in public, at home with relatives or friends around. While at home I will clear the room of any male relatives because they aren't comfortable. I also think MIL isnt/wasn't too comfortable either because she would normally leave out as well. Going to the mall I'll usually go into the lounge and nurse if we are near one(Nordstrom and Lord and Taylor near me have nices ones) but if in the food court then I will nurse her there and I agree with Apmomma about the covers and dirty bathrooms. I can normally nurse and you just think she's sitting there. I do consider taking a bottle with us but I honestly rather just nurse and save the bottle for when I'm not around. 1 time I took a bottle for this very reason and DH wondered why and I told him but he also felt I should just nurse her, anyway, we take the bottle I decide to warm it in a cup of warm water of which we end up leaving so I don't give it to her and I also ended up leaving the bottle at the restaurantSad. Another time I nursed in chick-fila which was rather empty and in the back and this old man comes over to look at her and starts saying how cute she is, how much hair she has, etc, etcSurprise. I'm not sure if he noticed I was nursing or not although I do think he said something about her eating I didn't want to be rude and she didn't stop. My older daughter did find it odd he was having this conversation with me at the time but I dont think he was being a perv. Right after him a group of old women came over and did the same-yikes. I will try and cover her but she knocks it off and now she's at the age where she's easily distracted learning her surroundings so quiet now is best for us. I am however not nursing in public with my breast out and was excused 1 time at an airport while waiting for my cousin in a no parking zone and an officer pulls up and I was in the back of the truck nursing so he told me to just finish up and when she's done then please leave-no ticket of course.

    @ the mom who gives bm to her nephew as long as his parents are okay with it(which I'm sure they are) then kudos to you for supplying for 2 babies the only down side is when/if he refuses the formula eventually

  • I never really got nursing in public down. My boy was restless and pulled off and a lot and refused to have a blanket over him. It wasn't worth all the effort I had to put into it. I'd just go sit in my car most times. I could turn the radio on and the AC in the summer and be comfortable and cool. I actually had really no shame about nursing in front of family or friends. They love me for who I am, I feel, and my baby is part of me! Interesting conversation on here. :-)
  • @PediNurseJulie

    My DD also got restless, pulled off a lot & refused to have anything cover her.  So I understand.  That's why I gave up trying to cover.  Most people don't even realize that she's nursing.

  • keep a blanket with you so when you do have to feed him that you can just put a blanket over him and no one can see. for the most part people are respectfull about it but only on occasions do you get that random person that will stare and be rude. but just ignore it if they do. 

  • i feel you i am a young first time mother and sometimes i jus got to whip it iut to feed her..i try an atleast put a blanket over her but one time an older women gave me the evil eyre for nursing her in a giant egale so i jus winked at her an she did the clasic old angry lady walk away wit her nose up:]

  • @WriteMommy01

    Interestingly, breastfeeding in public is LESS accepted than it was in the past.  Remember that historically breastfeeding was what everyone did.  If a mother was unable to feed her child then another lactating relative or a wet nurse did it.

    Bottles, etc. did not always exist.

  • I think at some point you just can't win. I responded to another member a few nights ago as she was getting judged for not breast feeding! It might be interesting for you to read through her post and the comments that follow. It sounds like you have gotten some really good responses here! Keep us posted, :) Jess
  • In many of the malls around here, there are nursing stations in the bathrooms and many department stores have bathrooms that have little mini lounges in them (like Dillards and Macy's). I used to nurse in those. At times when I was in a restaurant or something, I used to just go in my car for a little privacy, but in the end...if the baby needs to eat, then the baby needs to eat. I tried my best to be respectful of others who were around me, but I expected them to be respectful of me as well.

  • @brtnywlms  My baby, like many, would not tolerate having a blanket over her head once she hit about 5 weeks.  I've nursed in public a lot without a blanket.  Most people have no idea what I'm doing.  It just looks like I'm cradling my daughter.  Those people who did realize what I was doing didn't care.  I'm sure they were just happy that she wasn't crying.  :-)
  • I appear to be alone here, but I think nursing in public makes people uncomfortable.  At least, it  makes me, my friends, family, and everyone I've ever heard talking about it until I read this post really uncomfortable.  Most people are just too polite to say anything, especially to someone nursing, because they feel it is not their place.  I have literally never heard anyone say, until here, that they are comfortable with seeing a woman breast feed in public.  With that said, I definitely think more public places need a separate "mother's room" or nursing station, because it is definitely not sanitary (or a pleasant experience!) to nurse in a bathroom stall.  Also, I think pumping in front of your significant other is not for every couple, and certainly not for most couples.  It is important for you and your spouse to be comfortable in the woman's new role as a mother, and that means different things for everyone.  It it is also important to continue to be seen as a sexual being, both by yourself and your partner.  I have heard many female friends say that once they started breast-feeding, they no longer felt the same sexually about their breasts as they once had.  Every couple (every person!) is different, of course, and has different ideas as to what that means.  I just wanted to put this other opinion out there...

  • @SillyKaren  You're right.  Seeing nursing does make people uncomfortable because it is not the norm.  Seeing people in wheelchairs also makes a lot of people uncomfortable.  I hope that our society becomes more open. I totally agree with you!!!

    Politeness probably isn't what stops people from saying something to a nursing moms.  Most states have laws that allow women to feed their hungry baby whenever and wherever mom & baby have a right to be.  If anyone said something to me about it, I'd definitely tell them that I have a right to feed my hungry child...the same as a bottle feeding parent.

    Body parts can have more than one purpose. I think my husband's biceps are sexy even though they're used to help him pick up heavy objects.  He thinks my neck is sexy even though it's used to turn my head.  Not all cultures obsess about breasts the way that westerners do.