Nursing in public

  • I usually used a blanket with my child. This time around I plan to use a light shawl, as my son will be born here in a month or so, so it'll be warming up. There are tons of ideas, I know people who have used the slings to BF in. Good luck on your BFing adventure!

  • My wife has a nursing smock which she puts over herself while she is nursing. This has been a God-send and has made a potentially uncomfortable situation much easier. She never felt self-conscious and never made anyone else feel uncomfortable. They sell them in most maternity shops.

  • I've never had any kind of problem nursing in public. I feel like if it's ok for you to give a baby a bottle in public then it's ok to nurse in public. Most of the time I will use a nursing cover but if I'm just at a friend's house or a relative's, and if they don't mind, I just feed without it. There's nothing to be ashamed of and I hate having to cover up my beautiful baby's face.

  • @ChanelleCarchio

    I know!  I love looking at my babe, too.  Isn't it the best?  Plus, the babies usually love looking at their mommas, too!  Sometimes they unlatch just to smile at mom.  It's heart-melting.

    I read that when babies are born they can't see anymore than 8-12 inches away.  That's the perfect distance for them to look at their momma's face while the baby nurses!  It's great bonding time.  After about 2 months, my baby didn't want to be covered up anyway.

  • Both my children unlatch to smile and coo almost every time they feed. I don't breastfeed my son who is almost 2 anymore but that was always my favorite time with him. 

  • The trick is to relax. If you're relaxed, then nobody even notices. They may think that you're cuddling or putting the baby to sleep, if you just put a blankie over the top of you two. If people make a big deal out of you nursing in public, just ignore them, they're not comfortable with it. And if they persist, don't say anything to them, just turn your back. That's how I did it when I was nursing with my daughter, after I got comfortable enough to nurse her, of course.