When is the right age to take away the bottle?

  • I have a 13 month old that can drink out of a sippy cup but perfers the bottle...So when is the correct age to do away with the bottle for good?

  • Now is generally considered the best time for a couple of reasons. One being the older they get the harder it is to make changes. Second being that it is considered bad for their teeth to continue the bottle. How often does your baby get a bottle? I weaned my son from the bottle at about 15 months. We were a little late because he was sick for a few months and I just couldn't bring myself to do it. By 15 months he was only getting the bottle 3-4 times a day before naps and bedtime. What I did was take away one oz of milk every few days. So he got 7oz, then 6oz, and so on until after a little bit he only had an oz of milk in his bottle. By that point he decided it wasn't worth the effort and just let it go. It worked really well for us to do it that way. It kept me from having to actually take it away and feel rotten when he cried for it. Big Smile

  • I took the bottle away from both of my boys at 1 year. They didn't seem to mind. My oldest like to drink out of his bottle as well. I didn't give him an option to drink out of a bottle. It took me a couple weeks to totally get him away from the bottle. My other son was easier because he saw Collin use a sippy cup and wanted the same thing.  You can give the option but wean the option out. Hope this is good advice. Good luck with that.

  • we don t take the bottle away until they are ready to give it up.

  • We cut back our daughters use around 12 months, and introduced a sippy cup in its place. She didnt seem to mind in the least - not only could she drink more easily from the cup (bigger holes for flow), but she was still getting her milk. She was happy as could be about it. Right now we're trying to transition her from that to cups with straws, and then hopefully to just cups *fingers crossed*