9-Month Old Won't Eat Regular Food

  • My 9-month old loves his jars of babyfood.  His pediatrician told me I should be giving him fresh food that I have cooked, but no matter what is is...he throws it up.  I started out simple with vegetables and rice...pureeing it, but he threw it up (exorcist style).

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to introduce fresh food so that he does not throw it up?  My first born did not have this problem...he was a natural eater.

  • At 9 months, your child should be eating fruits and vegetables, as well as finger foods. However, every child differs. Continue giving your child baby food, but keep introducing solid foods. He may not like the taste of the food you have been giving, which can be causing the vomiting. I know this can be frusterating, but it can happen. Also, make sure you consult with your pediatrician because he/she will be able to tell you if your child is gaining or losing weight. If your child continues to vomit when you introduce solid foods, there may be something else going on, so please address this with your doctor. Good luck!

  • What types of foods are you introducing? Sometimes the texture of the food is enough to make your child gag which could be causing the vomitting. Another possiblility is food that is a little too hard for your baby to chew and it is lingering in the back of his throat and causing vomitting.

    Try peas for a good starter. Steam or boil the peas very well until they are well cooked...not crisp like you might like them. Then you can mash them up a bit with a fork and use a little bit of the cooking liquid to thin it if need be. Try this for a few days and then see if he will tolerate eating a single pea that is fully cooked. Other great options are mixing the peas (or other veggie) in with rice cereal and gradually introducing them this way. I would stay away from meats until your baby is eating fruits and veggies very well. Meats can be harder to chew and swallow.

  • As with everything else, each child is different. Eventually, he will eat solid foods, so just keep experimenting until you find a magic combination. This may be frustrating, but it's reality! The above suggestions are great, and all contain a high dose of common sense. If things haven't gotten better by your next well visit, ask your Dr. to make sure there isn't a physical problem, but I would bet that things will improve before then.

  • I tried organic food from Whole foods like Rice and Greenbeans, etc initially. Then I started buying rice, vegetables, fruits from WF and cooking them at home. I mash the food well and sometimes grind them to make it a smooth paste. My kids, 8 months old, love it.

  • Don't give up but talk to your doctor too. My best friend's daughter did the same thing, would gag any time you gave her real food. Well she was 1 1/2 and still not eating food.... they had to have early intervention come and help her eat. She's almost 3 and eats fine now, but talk to the doc and make sure you keep trying, don't give up is key.