i need help!

  • Well I have a 2 mnth old and at one point i was exclusively breastfeeding. When he was born he was only 4lb 10 oz(he was born on time) so when I was in the hospital they gave him glucose water and gave him bottles against my wishes, well after i corrected this breeastfeeding was easy and i produced more than enough milk but some weird things happened about maybe a week ago and i had to stop breastfeeding but since everything is ok i've started breastfeeding again but i do not produce nearly enough milk or even produce often during the day so i end up having to give him a bottle to make sure he eats enough what do i do to start producing enough milk again?

  • The best way to increase your milk supply is to let him breastfeed every 2-4 hours around the clock. Do not take even one feeding off. Once he is done breastfeeding, you can try to offer him a bottle as a supplement to ensure that he is getting enough milk a couple times a day. Soon, your milk supply will increase to meet his demands, especially if he is nursing every 2-4 hours. Talk to your doctor if things continue to get rough or if you feel like he isn't gaining weight appropriately. Also, remember to increase your water intake...milk production is very dependent on water. Good luck and remember, you can always call the Le Leche League if you need any advice.

  • How long were you exclusively breastfeeding? When you had to stop, were you on medication? If so, you have to first consult with your doctor to make sure when you can begin breastfeeding again. You need to breastfeed often to increase your milk suppy again; however, it may never be the same. Do not be discouraged. Breastfeeding is excellent for babies, but formulas provide enough nutrients so that you baby will grow strong and healthy. Although you plan was to breastfeed only, this little detour is just a blip in the road. Talk with you OB and she may refer you to a lactation consultant.