my baby is not drinking her milk what should I do!!!!!!!!

  • I have a 3mth old and my mother gave her juice and now she only wants juice. She only drinks about 3 oz of milk and thats it she don't want anymore. I try cutting her off from the juice completely but all she does is cry and cry and I give in because I don't like hearing her cry. So what should I do? Should I cut her off completely or go she her dr. for help?!

  • hey my daughter is almost five months and went through the same thing. first of all juice conatins tons of sugar even if its a baby juice and it can rot her teeth. yes sounds funny cuz babies this age have no teeth yet but it will cause the new teeth to rot since they are having sugar b4 teeth are in. Are you brushing her teeth yet? my daughter was also introduced with juice at that age and she started getting used to it. what you need to do is make a schedule for example her regular bottle in the morning usualy 4oz, a bottle mid afternoon 4 oz and then for lunch 2 oz of juice, then her regular feeding schedule limit juice to once a day until she gets teeth. at the end of the day get a little washcloth w/ warm water and wipe her gums. if she continues call dr

  • my daughter is almost five months and went through the same thingi introduced her to juice at like three months. she started hetting used to it so what i did was limit her to juice once a day. first of all i would feed her normally 1 bottle in the morning 4oz. then in 3 hours another 4oz bottle and so 12 or around that feeding time i would substitute that milk bottle for 2 oz of juice. not  too much cuz it can rot her soon to come teeth. then feed as usual. just remember that babies are constantly drinking milk and they need a little refreshing. so dont worry. just remember to take a warm washclth and clean her gums at the end of the day. about the eating  issue try giving her 4-5 oz every 4 hrs. shes probably not that hungry when u feed her

  • Unless she suffers from constipation I would stop the juice altogether. She needs the nutrients in her formula and juice is just empty calories. She might give you a hard time at first, but hunger will eventually win out.

  • When my two oldest were babies they loved apple juice. I tried to limit how often I gave it to them & when I did give it to them I diluted it with water so it wasn't so concentrated. I only added a little water at first so they wouldn't notice & make a fuss. Then each time I added a little more. They never even noticed! 


  • Totally agree with BabyNurse. Babies will respond to their hunger needs over anything else.

  • i started my daughter on juice at about 4 months old when i started food but i dont give it to her often only if i give her snack that i know will dry her mouth out like gerber puffs or biskits and i dont give her much just enough to wet her mouth down, she has never given me a fuss about it, i do agree that she needs her formula more then anything so i would try to cut her back till shes a little older and dosn't need it so much

  • We always water down any juices to cut down on the sugar/sweetness - but also because if they drink too much straight juice early on it can hurt tiny tummies (i.e. gas pains). If she won't give up juice entirely I think zulysmomma89's idea of offering a small amount on a schedule could help a lot. BabyNurse3 has a good point too though, even if she doesn't like getting less juice, milk is very important because of all the growth her body is going through right now.