• Hello MOMS,

    I am mom to a 4month old beautiful daughter.My question is, I got sick the week of october 19th.I could not breastfeed my daughter as I had really high fever. After that she got sick and was hospitalized.Now as I am trying to pump My milk does not come at all. I wanted her to drink breast milk so that it helps her build the immunity,

    Does anyone is facing similar problem.I would appreciate some advice to get the milk in back and also to increase the production.

    Please help

  • Is your milk completely gone or do you get some out when you pump? You can increase your water supply and pump for 15-20 minutes every 3 hours around the clock to see if you can get your milk back up. Talk with your pediatrician and see if there is anything she can do to help you out..there are medications out there that can increase your milk supply. Don't take anything over the counter or herbal without talking to your pediatrician...even if they CLAIM to help your milk supply. Hope this helps

  • Hi-

    I was nursing my son and was sick so I had to formula feed as well. Now he refuses to breastfeed, so I rely on my pump to supply him w/ breastmilk.  I has been told that not all pumps are created equal.  I had been using an evenflo and getting very little milk. The lactation consultant i spoke with reccommended a medela lactina or symphony to get my supply up.  I rented one and used it for 4 wks, and now I just use a medela pump in style every 3-4 hrs for at least 15 min.  Now my son gets mostly breastmilk and I supplement w/ Similac Sensitive.  I hope that helps you!


    P.S. the medela website is a great resource for help with pumping.