NUK nipples? My daughter can't figure it out.

  • I'm the proud mom of a 6 1/2 week old baby who was also born 6 weeks early and spent the first 3 in the NICU.  I want herl to use the NUK nipples as they promote orthadontic health (i.e. straighter teeth because it causes the pallet to develop with less curvature), but can't seem to get her to figure out how to nurse from them.  I don't know if it's because she was started with regular nipples at the NICU, but I tried for the last 2 days to get her to go to the NUK nipples with no success.  She didn't eat more than a couple of ounces at a time and had to be fed every hour or two while she was using them vs the 4-5 ounces she WAS up to every 3-4 hours before.  Is there a trick to get her to use them?  Also, her pacifiers are NUK so she IS familiar with the nipple.... 

  • I played a kind of game of nipple roulette with my youngest, trying to find one that she worked with her wide palate and didn't fill her belly up with gas. It may be that she just does not find using a nipple that shape to work for her and that's why she's having trouble. Or maybe it's not the right shape for her mouth size.

    Personally, I wouldn't worry so much about the affect nipples have my baby's oral development, considering a lot of the time they spend more time sucking on pacifiers than on their bottles. My advice is to go with what she's used to using.

  • I would agree with BabyNurse3, promoting solid development is a great plan but I would focus on her getting enough to eat instead. The bottle nipple is a small amount of the sucking your child will ever do in comparison to the rest of the things she's going to come across to put in her mouth Wink, I would find what fills her belly and go with that.

  • my daughter was born 8 wks eary and spent 3 wks in NICU as well.  I had to constantly give the NUK paci's before she would take them.  I was determined to not have her suck her thumb.  What finally started workong was i held her in the cradle position with the paci in her mouth.  Her stomach faced with mine as if I was going to breastfeed.  It forced her to keep the paci in her mouth instead of pushing it out.  I felt mean but I knew it was best.  After a few days she took the paci without a problem and now she loves it!!! Goodluck!!!

  • My daughter is eight weeks old and she will only take one binky we bought from walmart and they also glow in the dark, but I believe it was made by NUK.  But when we try and give her a different binky she will literally throw it.  I don't know how she does it she's only eight weeks but she throw it.  When she sucks on her favorite binky if it starts to slip out she will pull either hand up and use the back of it to push the binky back in her mouth.  Its the oddest thing to me because we've never seen a baby do something like this.  But I believe the brand is the NUK from walmart, and my daughter Sai loves it.

  • Actually, NUK is a Gerber brand and you can get them kust about anywhere baby stuff is sold. It's one of those oldies but goodies kind of things. My oldest loved her NUK, but my little one never really took to it. She likes the Playtex Ortho-Pro latex ones. My MIL tried to get her to use the MiniMam, and though she does use it every once in a while, she prefers her Playtex.

    That's so cute that Sai does that, and can be a great thing in the middle of the night when she figures out how to get the paci back to her mouth. :)

  • I would not really worry too much about a certain nipple. Unless she takes a bottle and paci for years, it shouldn't make too much of a difference. I would just give her what she is comfie with.

  • hey new mom i actually have NUK nipps lol for my daughter. what u have to do is put the flat surface facing her tounge. its a bit weird its like ur feeding upside down.

  • yes turn the nipple so the flat edge is up. trust me. it works

  • My baby's a year old now, but he used the NUK nipples and the platex ones too. I breast fed him for 6 months but starting the 4th month I had to start bottle feeding him and breast feeding because I had to go back to school. He would only take the platex ones... but as he got older he began getting used to the NUK nipples... like someone had mentioned just worry about feeding ur baby... always go with that the baby is more comfortable with... GOOD LUCK... =]

  • soothie bottles are amazing my baby was born 6 weeks premature they are just like the binkys they give in the hospital

  • I'm glad my daughter isn't the only one that didn't take to the nuk bottles.  When I first gave them to her she would suck on it for 30 mins and she wouldn't have even drank half an ounce... I soon realize that when she starts to suck on the nipples I had to pull the bottle back and give a little resistance and she was then able to drink easily out of the bottles.  I ended up switching to the playtex ventaire bottles because they we easier and faster for her to drink out of and that really helps with the 3 am feedings!

  • so what your saying is too turn the nipple the oppisite way?

  • Most nipples, just like pacifiers, say that there's something "special" about them...buuut I agree with the statement that the best nipple/bottle/pacifier for your baby is the one your baby likes. 

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    My 5 1/2 month old daughter uses the nuk bottles.  I breastfeed, but work full time...they are very similar to the breast.  There's a notch cut out of the base of the should line up with the center of her nose and be positioned on the top.  Also, the 5oz bottles come with slow flow nipples-my daughter took forever to empty them.  I bought medium flow nipples around 1 1/2 months and she does much better with them (they are the same size and aren't too fast for her, but she's more efficient.) It's possible that your daughter is just so comforted by the act of suckling the nipple that it lulls her to sleep, despite the fact that she hasn't eaten enough and will awaken too soon because she needs more intake.  I recommend trying the medium flow nipples. They could be in your local grocery store, baby supply store or web site.  Good luck to the two of you! Hope the info helps  :)