New mom

  • Hi my name is Saundra and i just gave birth to my first child, 3 weeks ago.  Everything has been very overwhelming, but I am now getting into a routine.  However, every night around her midnight feeding, she gets really fussy and I have tried rocking her, walking with her, putting her the swing, etc.  She will calm down for a few minutes and then start crying again.  She is on similac advance and I give her the gas drops with every feeding.  The rest of the day she is fine.  Has anyone ever experienced something like this?  Thanks

  • Congrats on the new addition to ur family. I went through the same thing with 2 of my kids and whatworked for us was placing a fan in their rooms ( not blowing on them) , the noise and circulating air seem to calm them and they were able to fall back asleep. Good luck

  • Gas drops are wonderful, but they don't prevent everything. My daughter had similar issues and it usually turned out to be gas, even though we'd given her drops. A change in position would get her to stop for a little bit, but another change in position could set her off again. It's best to check with your pedi to make sure there aren't any other issues going on.

  • Congratulations!

    It may still be gas, even with the drops it can rear its ugly head. If you can get her to burp after her midnight meal it may help a lot. If it isn't gas it may be the dark - a lot of babies don't like being alone in the dark after they just spent 9 months with you by them always. A nightlight (they make several kinds that will turn off after a while, and I think even some that turn on by themselves if she wakes up) and background noise (white noise machine, lullabie music, etc.) helped my daughter a lot while she was crib sleeping. Sometimes though she just wanted to be held and carried at that age, and on those night she often ended up asleep in my arms from walking her - it's tiring but effective, I could usually walk her to sleep within a half hour.

  • Check with your pediatrician, but it is probably just normal baby fussiness. Sometimes it is gas or a tummy ache. It could just be that she needs comforting. Just 3 weeks ago she was in a cozy womb, now she is in this great big uncomfortable world. Have you tried swaddling her and using white noise?

  • Congrats on your new baby.  If this is the only time of day she's fussy with feedings, it could be just normal fussiness. I would try swaddling.  Our baby started getting fussy with more than one of her feedings through out the day and eventually with all her feedings. We soon found out she had a milk protein allergy and had to change formula. I agree you should definately talk with your pedi. Good luck.

  • I had the same problem with my little girl around her 3rd-5th weeks. Right around midnight nothing I did seemed to comfort her. I would end up holding her for 2-3 hrs until she fell asleep but thankfully she would sleep for about 6 hrs so I had a little bit of rest. As said by the others, she probably just wants to be close to you. Mine eventually grew out of it by her 8th week and sleeps through the night (8-10 hrs at a time!).

    Have you tried the bedtime lavendar lotion/bath? There are claims that it helps the baby sleep at night. I haven't found it effective but maybe it'll help you.

  • Also try keeping everything calm, quiet and dark.  if there is too much light or movement she may be trying to wake up and getting fussy because she isn't allowed to.  I never had a white noise machine mainly because they irritate the crap out of me for some reason, but I had the fisherprice aquarium that I just had to get rid of unfortunately because it was leaking.  It had a 5 year run though.  That soothed both of my boys when fussy.  Good luck!

  • when my now 2 month old girl was about 5 weeks i found out she had a milk protein allergy due to blood in the stools. when they switched her to alimentum she was like a different baby! the difference was like night and day! because i was a new mom i thought it was 'normal' for a baby to cry and fuss during all waking hous, but the first day of the new formula proved i was wrong! she only fusses now when it's about 11pm and time for bed-she fights going to sleep already no matter how tired she is. your baby may just fight the sleep, but it could be something more severe like a milk-protein allergy. if she only does it before going to sleep i would guess their fighting going to sleep, but i'm no doctor-that's just been my experiance