Breast Strike

  • My baby recently went on breast strike. He's almost 4 mos. and I started supplementing with formula at about 2 mos. At 3 mos. he just had nothing to do with the breast. He will however breastfeed at night. My milk supply has decreased and I don't know whether I should attempt to try stimulating milk production by pumping. I'm not sure my supply will meet his demands. He eats a 4 oz. bottle every 2-3 hrs. and sometimes more. I sometimes just don't think it will be worth it, but have mixed feelings because I know the benefits of breastfeeding. Help!

  • My baby is doing the same thing and she's almost 3 months. I usually nurse her in the morning and evening and she would have formula while she's with relatives or when we're out but I'm convinced that she been so spoil with the bottle and doesn't want to work for her food. There are days where I want to give in but I'm still offering her the option to nurse if she wants it...

    With that said, I think you should still offer him the option to breastfeed especially if he's willing to nurse in the evening. Some breastmilk is better than none and there is also that skin-to-skin contact that the baby needs/wants.

  • I totally agree with the previous poster. Only you can decide if it is worth it. If you decide to continue breastfeeding, pump and nurse as much as possible, drink plenty of fluids, and have tons of skin to skin contact with your baby. Are you with your baby all day or do you work?

  • I am with my baby all day. I've tried breastfeeding at each feeding before giving into the bottle. Sometimes he will nurse for a little while, but he's not getting enough. I feel that giving him any breast milk is good. Is it possible to increase your milk supply when it gets low. I've even started my period, but am still producing milk. I'm not sure if the hormones will affect my production. I'm going to try pumping more often if he won't take the breast and see where I get. I'd love to continue breastfeeding for the health and benefits for my child. Thank you for your post.

  • Hi-my baby is almost 3 months and I've been having some difficulties with making sure he's getting enough breast milk throughout the day.  I do feed him about every 4 hours but sometimes I know he's not eating the full 4 oz that he would eat if he were feeding from a bottle.  I have been pumping for about a month now and continue to give him a bottle before bed to make sure he has about 5-6 oz in him. 

    My problem is that now that I'm due to go back to work in a couple of weeks, I'm concerned that the amount I've been giving him before bed may not be met with my supply.  Ultimately I will be pumping a supply for my daycare provider for during the day (approximately three 4 oz bottles) and I'd like to breastfeed him when I'm with him early in the morning and in the evenings.  I tried pumping last night after he had his 5-6oz bottle, and I struggled with a measly 1 oz and that was working at it for a good 30 minutes!  I haven't started him on formula yet and would like to hold off to see if I can make the pumping situation work. 

    I try not to stress about the pumping situation because I know the milk doesn't come out any easier.  I've tried venting to my husband and he really doesn't want to get to involved becuase he thinks that by having me discuss it, I will only get myself worked up about it.

    How does feedings go when giving your baby formula?  For some reason I feel SO guilty about the thought of feeding him formula.  Why is that?  Also, when you introduced the formula to your baby, when did you make that decision?  And, how did your baby react to the taste of formula compared to breast milk?

  • Well, my baby was in the Neonatal Intensive Care for about 11 days and they fed him my breastmilk from a bottle, so I struggled a little bit with breastfeeding because he wasn't latching well. So, I made sure I pumped every 2 hours to keep my supply up. I did feel guilty at first giving him formula and it was the first night we were home from the hospital that I decided to give him formula because we had a Dr. appt. the next day and I wanted to make sure we gained a little weight. He was under birth weight when we were sent home. He continued to get better at breastfeeding and was content. Then, he started wanting more and my supply wasn't enough, so I just supplemented with formula. Then, he went on strike. I don't know if it was that the bottle was easier or if he didn't like laying on his side, but he just didn't want the breast that much. Only at night. He likes them about the same. Don't feel guilty. Whatever breastmilk you can give them is beneficial and just supplement when needed. My reasoning was for helping my baby get back to a healthy weight. Also, you can ask your Dr. about an herbal tea called Mother's Milk that is supposed to help with lactation and drink lots of liquids AND don't stress! :)