• Carlas crieing confusion. I need help on trieing to figure out if i should give Carla my 3 month old cereal yet....shes currently drinking 6 ounces and screams for more after each feeding. I dont want to over feed her but i dont want her to be hungry. And she gets extremely fussy when she doesnt get her way...


    HELP ME <3

  • If you're giving her 6 ounces and she wants more, by all means give it to her! Trust me, i have two 4 month old girls and when they cry for more, i had better deliver! Mine were eating 7 ounces at three months and now eat 8 but if you want to go with solids and aren't comfortable going it alone, talk to your pedi.

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  • Our daughter began eating rice cereal around that age. However if she doesn't seem up to eating that just yet then by all means give her more to drink - at 3 months old she could easily be going through a growth spurt. When my daughter hit growth spurts I remember her eating 2 or 3 times as much as usual. You can also try gerber puffs if she is able to eat rice cereal - our daughter loves them to this day and they are very easy to eat so they make a great starter for solid food.

  • Like StrongDad, I had a similar situation with my daughter when she was 8 weeks and decided to introduce solids. It didn't seem to matter how many bottles I gave her, she was just always hungry! I think that you just need to do what you think is right for your baby. Have you checked to see if there is any other reason she's crying?

  • I'm envious of you all.  LOL but then again i have boys LOL.  My first was eating at least 8 ounces by the time be was 3 months old, but I stuck to it, if he wanted more I gave him more, but I didn't start solids tile I got the ok from our pediatrician.  That being said some are old school and some are very much into knowledge and learing and the lastest studies, which is good to a degree.  I'm saying that because when my first was around 6 months already eating size 3 jars of food (he was a big boy and not fat just big and solid) an article came out with the link between feeding babies baby cereal before dr recommendation and child-adult diabetes.  I read the article and was eased because my ex's entire family small and large alike all have diabetes and everytime we were there with our son they yelled at me for not giving him cereal when he was 2 months old.  I'm glad to know that I may have lowered his chances of getting diabetes.