• can any one help me my baby is on the rs formula and she is 7 weeks old n im have trouble finding the right nipple i tryed the y cut nipples and it comes out to fast can any one help me

  • Use the born free bottles and slow flowing nipple

  • Most of the bottles sell a "slow flow" nipple. Look for those words on the package and on the bottle nipple itself. Hope this helps!

  • try dr browns they are the best. my son was breast fed for 3 mths then switched him to formula because i was going back to work. i tried every kind of bottle possible and he loves these.

  • born free, slow flow nipples or they are marked number 1. If you buy new born free bottle , she is automatically coming with this nipple. 

  • go to the hospital and ask for the slow flow that came with the bottles they gave you   my grandson is 5 months and still uses them

  • Dr. Browns bottles is what we use, they also sell nipples in sizes 1-4 and y cut.  We use the standard.  She is now 7 months and we may move up to the level 2 nipples.

  • The Dr. Browns bottles Level One is for children up to 3 months of age. You really should start using the Level 2 now and possibly upgrade to Level 3 soon. Assuming that your daughter was born around your due date (a term baby) and doesn't have any serious medical issues or feeding problems, she really should be using the Level 3 nipples (they are designed for babies 6+ months). As the Levels go up, the faster the flow is. The older she gets, the faster flow nipple she needs in order to make sure she doesn't have to work too hard to get the milk. You'll also find with a faster flow nipple, she'll drink more and therefore gain weight quicker.   :)

  • yes Dr brown is on of the best that's what I use for my 3 month old baby from birth

  • My baby is 3months too...I also use Dr.Browns they're the best.


  • my son does very well on the avent bottles  they offer a newborn nipple which is labeled as number 1 and a slow flow nipple which is number 2 we bumped my son up to number two at four weeks and he did very well with it  didnt choke at all

  • my daughter is breastfeed and we us the first  years  breast flow bottles there the only  ones  she will take! they have different size nipples as well!

  • mommieof5-I just want to check in and make sure you got the advice that you need in regard to your question.  I'd love to know what you have decided to do, as I'm sure the other members would as well.

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