Apprehensive about Breastfeeding.

  • I thought I would have problems about that too. However, It is like something in my brain switched. It is a very different sensation. I enjoyed to have my breast touched by my husband, now not so much. They are so sensitive. When I do breast feed I get a warm and very close feeling towards my baby. I noticed that his poop doesn't stink or really have a smell to it when I breast feed. He doesn't spit up as much and his skin seems to be softer. It also give you a some pride in that you are able to care for your baby. Don't get me wrong. It can be frustrating and I do have to give him some formula. But you have to be comfortable with the idea that this is what your breast are made to do. From experience, If you are stressed out and uncomfortable. Your milk will have a hard time coming in and your baby will not have enough to eat. There are risks and benefits for formula and breast feeding. You have to decided what is right for you and your child.

  • I am breastfeeding and supplementing a little when needed for her growth. Don’t be worried for a few reasons. I totally get the thing about mentally switching from a pleasure zone to food zone. But I can almost guarantee you, you will be so tired you wont be thinking about pleasure for a while. It will be more than enough time to give your little one what he/she needs and decide if breastfeeding is for you. Also weigh all the plus' & minuses & talk to friends or family who are on both sides. It ultimately is your decision. I will admit, it isn’t my favorite thing. You hear so many people tell you about how magical it is and how they love every moment their little one is feeding. DO NOT FEEL BAD if you are not one of these. But give it a go and maybe you will have those moments and not think twice about formula. If not, there are a lot of good formulas out there to make sure your baby has what he/she needs to grow up just like you dreamed! Good luck!

  • I felt the same exact way, my baby is now 8 weeks and my milk has never really come in so ive had to supplement her from the get go, its very frustrating also cause i couldnt get her to latch on. hang in there. you did the best you could and thats all that matters

    Hope all is well!

  • As you can see, you're not alone!

    I was not comfortable with the idea either.  However, I really wanted to give my little one the gift of breastmilk and all its benefits.  I actually had a pretty easy time with it, besides her falling asleep too often while feeding.  Very minimal pain on my part.

    My daughter is now 5 months old and I'm having a hard time accepting the fact that it is time to stop (for me at least).  I work 10 hour days and am getting tired of pumping 4 times a day.  Also, she is starting to teethe which means she is gnawing on every thing.  My husband and I would like to take a vacation soon out of the country and no way am I going to tote a pump along!  And lastly, you talk about it is a pleasure zone... I know my husband wants me back to himself.

    Definitely give it a try and then you can decide.  I honestly had no clue I would love the bonding so much.  I am really going to miss it!

  • I felt the same exact way!!! Then I had him and at first it was a little odd but then it was completely normal. Unfortunately my milk didn't last long and now I actually miss it.
  • Love the support and conversation going on here! It's always good to know that some concerns and worries that you have about pregnancy and birth are not weird and very normal - lots of people wonder about this issue! I think, as a nurse who has cared for lots of new moms/babies, it is very normal to feel apprehensive about breast feeding but many moms have a whole new mindset when their baby is born. Something often just switches inside of you and you realize that your breasts are absolutely perfect for nourishing this little baby. I always say give it a won't regret trying but you might regret not trying. Good luck everyone!