Breast feeding woes

  • So in 2004 I had my son and tried to breast feed him, and the fatty stuff ( the stuff he really needed) wasn't comming out, just the clear liquid.  He latched on just fine, and after a few days and pumping to help it out ( I wasn't cloged or anything) I gave up and went to formula feeding.  I felt defective!  My son actually had to go on Soy formula because for the first week on the bottle he ate and ate and puked like the exsorsict.  I took him in when his breathing became very shallow, turns out he was starving cause he couldn't handle the regular formula.  Afterwards he ate just fine, and gained weight too!

    Fast forward six years and I'm expecting son #2.  I want to try and breast feed again and hope that the "good stuff" comes out this time.  I'm getting a new pump and I hope I work out, cause lets face it they are expensive and you can't take em back!  Any sugestions about breast feeding this time around, cause the lactation consultant in 04 said I wasn't doing anything wrong, my body just wasn't letting it come out.  I found this very odd considering how large they got, so yeah...anyone else or is it just me and my defective boobs!

  • It takes a while for breast feeding to really become natural. When you have your baby, immediately get set up with a lactation nurse in the hospital. Have her evaluate your hold, the baby's suck etc.. Some babies need to be "taught" how to eat as well. At first, it may seem like not much milk is coming out, but there may be more than you think. Pump or feed the baby every 2 1/2 hours to 3 hours around the clock. Follow your baby's weight gain with your pediatrician and monitor wet diapers. It can take as many as 6 days for your milk to come FULLY in. If your baby is sucking and sucking but not getting much out, he may not be latched on correctly. Once you are at home, you can call a lactation consultant, lactation nurse or visit your local La Leche League for expert advice. Good luck!
  • HI! Congrats on your new baby! I pumped for 7.5 months. I recently just stopped about a month ago because my son was very slowly gaining weight. I too was concerned that I was not pumping the "good stuff" so I decided to stop and switch over to similac. It was a difficult discussion at first but now my son is doing great!

    I totally think you should try to breastfeed again! I know I will! Just remember to give yourself enough time to establish your milk. I have the Medela Pump n Style and it was a great pump! I probably would have made it to a year if I was not trying to teach and pump during the day. It got so hard, then when my son had slow weight gain that was just the icing on the cake!

    I say make no definite plan and go with the flow! Hopefully breastfeeding will work out and if not you still know that your baby will be a-okay on formula!

  • Your story sounds just like mine.  I had my first son in 07 - same problems you had.  I breast fed my son for 6 weeks and he looked worse each day.  I make tons of milk, and he was never getting to the "good stuff".  So, we went to regular formula, followed by soy and finally settled on hypoallergenic.

    Fast forward to March 31st.  I had my second son, and like you, wanted to try again.  I bought a really good pump so I could monitor the type of milk my son was getting.  He seemed to do good for about 2 weeks (still really collicky, but I didn't expect miracles).  Then, he started to look just like my first son. I beat myself up for a week about not being a good mom since I couldn't nurse my own child, but finally my husband stepped in and convinced me to try formula.  We switched to regular formula, and in hindsight, should have gone straight to soy.  After a week of rough formula switches, we are now finally seeing an improvement. My son looks great, is gaining weight and is somewhat happier.  He's still a fussy baby, but is sleeping for a decent part of the night.

    I hope this doesn't discourage you, but I know exactly where you are at.  Remember, you are not a bad mom because of this...some of us just can't make the kind of milk our child needs.  It's so frustrating, because I produce enough milk to feed a small country.  Good luck, and hang in there.

  • It takes at least 4 days for breast milk to fully come in, sometimes longer. My recommendation is to breast feed around the clock, every hour if possible after you have the baby and this will help your milk to come in faster. I eat lots of carrots and spinach plus I drink tons and tons of water, it makes a difference.

  • I have to add that doing breast compressions can help get the hind milk out, my kids all fell asleep on the breast and when I did breast compressions they would get a mouthful of milk and instantly wake up to resume feeding again. Rubbing their feet and back briskly can help startle them awake enough to keep going.

  • Oh, momma.  There is nothing wrong with your body.  I think you may not have entirely understood about breastfeeding and human lactation.  The watery milk comes out first and the fatty milk comes out toward the end of the feeding.  You won't see exactly WHAT your baby is getting, but trust and believe that the system works PERFECTLY.

    Just leave your baby on the boob as long as he/she wants to be there and (s)he'll get what's needed.

    Have you talked with a lactation consultant or gone to a La Leche Leauge meeting?   It may help you feel more confident that everything you did (will do) is perfectly fine.