Burping Issues

  • Let the baby cry for few minute that will take care of the hicups. As for burping the only way I can burp my son is to holdim with one hand between his legs facing forward walking around or bouncing. He burpes each time, but sometimes takes a while. I hope this helps.

  • I just had my third baby may 1st.  first off im not sure that the hiccups have anyhing to do with lack of burp,  I've always had the baby suck on a pacifer and they go away. As far as the burping goes i had the hardest time burping my last baby. I would spend a half hour or more trying to burp her and feedings took forever! She also seemed very gassy. besides all the different techniques in burping I would lay baby on tummy and gently rub back in circular motion cus if they dont burp they will fart. i eventuly quit trying so hard and if she burped then great but if not dont worry bout it. You can try different bottle ones that dont let to much air get in the first place. I use Dr. browns there are a few extra pieces which means more things to wash, but I've noticed a huge difference in the gas  not so muuch burping. keep trying  and if baby doesnt burp dont stress eventually he will. my girl is 3 month noow and seriously burps like a trucker. dont be afraid to give good taps and sometimes just rubbing in a circular motion will do the trick or combo of both.

  • My little guy burps from me rubbing up and down on his back not the traditional patting, also sometimes with a newborn you may be patting too gently because you are afraid, which was why I was happy that the rubbing worked, I have seen some pretty firm burpings.  Also, try to not jostle or move around the baby alot after feedings.  I hope this helps.