Baby just days old

  • Baby is just days old, attempting to breastfeed, nipples are sore. Husband and I are at wits end with baby crying so now supplementing with formula. Still intend to try breastfeeding, just waiting for my milk to come in!

    Anyone else doing this?

  • Be patient and try not to stressout.  Breastmilk should arrive shortly.  I had to supplement breastmilk with formula due to my baby's jaudice.   If I did not have to supplement, I would try to breastmilk and not use the formula.  Since it is so convenient to give my baby formula, I have become to dependent on it; hence, I do not have enough breastmilk.   At the end of the day, it is important that your baby is fed and happy so breastmilk or formula is not that important.

  • My son is now 2 weeks old and I had some trouble with my milk coming in so I did supplement a bit with formula during the first week.  This actually made things worse as then he didn't want to breast feed because the milk came out of the bottle easier than out of me!!  So, I ditched the bottles completely and after about 2 days he was feeding fine.  Granted, it was the longest two days of my life, but it was well worth it.  

    So, hang in there, it will be well worth it when your baby is feeding normally.  My husband and I just handed off to each other whenever we got to our wits end and went into another room.  Best of luck to you!!

  • hi ererickson, I had the same problem as you. My son is 2 weeks old, as well, and my nipples were so sore from breastfeeding that i ended up supplementing at night only. Then i decided to pump my breastmilk and just feed him with a bottle. Does it matter whether I feed him breastmilk from the breast or from the bottle?

  • I do have pump from hospital that I rented to check it out, Medela. However, I pump and only get about 2 ounces. I think I would be pumping all day just to keep up with the baby who seems to want breast every hour! This is stressful!

  • Be patient. It takes a few days for your milk supply to increase. Ice your nipples to decrease soreness and let the water run on them in the shower. Have you thought about a lactation consultant?

  • It is easy to get overwhelmed by breastfeeding in the first week after your baby is born. Go ahead and supplement with formula, but put the baby to breast each and every feeding. Practice makes perfect. If the baby won't latch or is struggling with latching, try purchasing a "nipple shield" for a few bucks at Target. They look like little silicone pasties. If you are still struggling, talk to your doctor and see if she can recommend a lactation nurse in your area. You can also call the la leche league. Breastfeeding gets soooo much easier...just hang in there and make sure you are using lanolin on your sore nipples!

  • hang in gets so much better.  i have nursed my daughter for almost a year and had the same issue as you.  make sure you are pumping if you are giving a bottle so you can build up your milk supply.  you will not pump much at the beginning. i recommend a lactation consultant. it was the best thing that i did and i had to go multiple times. it was worth it.

  • Simulate your breasts and pump. The milk will come in.  You can save that milk and give to your child.   Don't give up.


  • It will get easier i had alot of trouble at first too but keep trying and if you do bottle feed your baby you should try the slow flow nipples and when you feed him/her sit them up more so they actually have to work for it like they would when they breastfeed i pump now so my boyfreind can feed her and i also breastfeed and we use the slow flow nipples and sit her up and she takes to both very well also for the nipples being sore there is something called a nipple shield and that reduces the pain quite a bit!!! hope this was helpful Smile

  • I had a similar problem. My nipples were sore and my son had a hard time latching on. I was stressed out which I think stressed him out as well. I've been pumping and my husband and I have been bottle feeding. (Our son is 3 weeks old) We give him formula at night and breast milk during the day. This has been working for us and our doctor and lactation consultant both seem fine with it.

  • you can try a nipple shield. They're designed to help with sore nipples and they make it easier for baby to latch on.  I had to use one because of flat nipples but was able to wean her off it by 2 months old and she is a great nurser.

  • I had the same problem with my baby.  My milk finally did come in around day seven.  I almost gave up when we were in the hospital.  Eventually the milk did come in and now I can't ween my baby to a bottle!  :)  It is really frustrating.  Hang in there.   

  • yes! your not alone . My baby is sreaming at nights i think i am not producing enough breast milk. i wish u luck and my self