Gerber graduates puffs

  • hi i have a seven month old baby she has no teeth yet and i got some of the graduates puffs, thinking they can be something for her to snack on so i tried one and they dont melt as fast as i thought they would, so i break then in tiny pieces cuz im scared she will choke what should i do guys have any of yo tried this with your baby being this age?

  • I actually just bought those puffs yesterday....this past week I gave my son cheerios?  he doesn't have any teeth either...I just give them one at a time...he LOVES them!!  I saw the puffs and thought wow even better!!  and they DO melt better than the o's.  When you feed your baby does he/she grind her jaw even though there is nothing really to chew?  that is how I knew it was time to start safely...he really watchs us when we eat too!!  crazy he is only 7 months also!! good luck!!

  • I broke them in tiny bits too. They don't melt fast at all. I think I started them when my children were a little bit older just because they made me nervous.

  • Okay my seven month old has 7 teeth!  She is ready for  I break these puffs in half and place them on the side of her mouth when I give them to her.  I would just continue to break them up until your baby is comfortable with them.  Mine has all those teeth but still doesn't quite know how to use them yet:)

  • irvineva- My daughter was like that too. It was so funny to look at such a tiny baby with a mouth full of chompers. Big Smile I think she had 12 teeth when she was eight months old.