pump question

  • Hello all. I am new to breastfeeding and not sure if I am doing things right to prepare to return to work. My son was born 3 weeks ago and I am going back to work in 3 weeks. I am trying to maintain/increase my supply while pumping to save milk for daycare provider.  I have tried pumping from one side and nursing from the either but he does better when he can nurse from both sides. I have also tried to nurse, then pump for a few minutes from both sides.  I only get about 1/2 oz to an oz pumped at a time (total). Is that normal for this time? I hear about women who can pump 4 or 5 oz but I am no where near that. I plan to nurse him when I am home with him, but send breastmilk to daycare for bottles. Will I be able to pump enough to do this? Also, I am using a medela double electric (but I think I may need a different size shield). Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • Hi, don't get discouraged since you really seem to be trying. When I pumped before my daughter only nursed for 4 minutes than would knock out and yes she was getting enough, her weight said it all. I had a very inexpensive pump at the time since it was my first and I had no idea on breastfeeding or pumping for that matter. My pump was a single and only $60. I would nurse her on one breast and pump the other while she was nursing and the milk would just flow down. I could make 2 bottles easy. She also rarely nursed off of the other breast also so that may have had something to do with it. If she wasn't around I would also pump at the time she would normally nurse but one breast would leak as the other was being pumped/nursed. Now I have the Medela double PIS electric in preparation for when the little one gets here. I also stayed home the entire year with my daughter and exclusively breast fed so that may have helped me as well. I would consult with an LC and if you don't know one ask your ob or pediatrician for one. You have great intentions so it's best to seek the help now like you are doing before you become frustrated and discouraged. Best of luck and stay in good spirits.

  • Hi, dont be discouraged.   What has worked for me is I am renting a hospital grade pump(douple pump) for  $50.00 a month. But well worth the money, if you think how much you will be spending on formula. You won't believe how much faster you can pump and the volume you get.  Around my 4 week I was pumping between 4 to 5 ounces in 20 minutes.  One tip would be to try to pump for about 10 to 15 minutes after you nurse.  I found it to work really well.  Also try to pump in a quite room, where you can relax, this will work really well with the let down of your milk.  Sometimes your milk supply takes a little longer to come in.  But please don't feel discourage and keep pumping. 


    Good luck and let me know how it goes.




  • I started off the same as you.  But once my son started on a bottle (3 weeks) he didn't want my breast anymore.  So now I pump everything and store it.  It is a lot easier for me cause I had a big supply and it was just too much of as hastle.  While I would be nursing him on one side I would be leaking on the other.  With my double pump now I produce 6oz on each breast. 12 oz total!  Best of luck!!

  • I think you should talk with a lactation consultant or someone from the Le Leche League.  I never made much extra when I was nursing and the experts always told me to try to get them to nurse from both sides, sometimes even if they nursed from both sides that would only satisfy them for an hour, so I never had much extra to pump.  What you might try is pumping after your morning nursing or an hour after your morning nursing, this is when your milk is usually most plentiful.  This is just a thought but you don't need a lot of milk stored for your return to work.  If you want to maintain nursing while working you will pump when you are at work, so you will send that milk to daycare,  you are really only getting a supply for the first few days until you get into your routine of pumping at work and getting that milk to daycare.  Good for you that you are so mindful of the transition to come.  You have a good pump, I don't think that is the issue, it's your supply, which varies by woman, baby, the baby's age, etc.....  Wait till your baby hits a growth spurt and it seems like all you are doing is nursing for a couple days.               Please relax, it will all work out, enjoy your new baby.

  • Have pictures of your little one nearby and look at them while you pump,  it sounds silly, but it did really help!