1 Year Old Not Drinking Enough Liquids

  • When my daughter turned 1 (per pediatrician recommendation) I took away her bottle & tried to do strictly sippy cup. I had been trying the sippy cup for several months before but she would never drink out of it, just play with it. When I completely took the bottle away she finally would drink from it but ONLY water, nothing else. I've tried strawberry milk, chocolate milk, skim milk, juice, etc.  And even when she drinks water she will not drink enough throughout the day. She went through temper tantrums, crying and whining but I think she had finally maybe forgotten about the bottle a little after about 10 days.  But she wasn't drinking any milk & the water she was drinking was definitely not enough liquid throughout the day. I know for sure because her bowel movements were coming out in little balls/pellets.  So I regressed and gave her the bottle back and she drank ALL of the milk and wanted MORE...Now I am so frustrated because I feel like I'm back at square one. She's starting to whine more now because I think she wants her bottle, which had decreased a lot since the first time I took it away. I don't know what to do! I want to take away her bottle but not only do I feel guilty but I also know she's not drinking enough liquid when it's taken away.  I haven't given it back to her completely but I am so stressed out trying to figure out the best thing to do. I mean what is more important?  Taking her bottle away or her getting the nutrients/liquids she needs? Or where is the balance??

  • Did you take all her bottles away at once? My daughter just turned 1 a few days ago and I started taking her bottles away at 9 months - but one at a time.  I got rid of one every 4-6 weeks, starting with the ones I thought she'd miss the least - mid morning and mid afternoon.  She did not have a problem at all with the transition, but I gave her plenty of time to adjust to each "loss."  Now she is just down to her bedtime bottle and since our switch to whole milk, she is really not even interested in that one! I am going to stop giving it to her tonight and offer her the sippy cup instead.  We actually went through a no drinking period with the switch to milk.  I just kept giving it to her and by day 3, she drank it and now drinks it with the same gusto as she used to with her formula.  I guess if she is thirsty enough, she will drink ;) But I do understand your concerns.  If she is a good eater, she is probably get some liquids from her food. There is a lot of water in fruit (my baby LOVES fruit - especially the summer melons, peaches, etc).  Did you mention this to your doctor? Did he/she offer any suggestions?

  • Talk to your doctor....some babies are just not ready to give up the bottle at 1 year old. Doesn't mean she will not be ready in a month or two. Just work with her each day and get her used to the sippy cup then gradually switch them out...but only after she is good at taking the sippy cup. Try different sippy cups too...some have a longer and softer nipple spout which is easier for babies who are making the transition to sippy cups for the first time.

  • Here are some suggestions that actually worked for me with my 10 mo old.  My son likes to do everything us grown ups do, example, he would not sleep in his crib so when we thought about it we got him a toddler bed with bed rails and it worked and the reasoning was after him spending time with us in the bed, our bed doesn't have bars around it, why should his.  So we tried the sippy cup, he didn't take to it.  So I let him drink out of my glass like the rest of us at the table, and finally he was interested.  So I took the top part off of the sippy cup and held it for him, he drank from it.  Next, I had to get a sippy cup so that I could join him in drinking from it, and finally that works, not as often as I like.  When he is around his other toddler cousins, it is not a problem, but since he is around adults most of the time, he wants to do what we do.  Hope that helps!