Perfect Bottle Temperature

  • What is the perfect bottle temperature?  I have been trying to heat warm water in the microwave for my child's bottles of breastmilk, but don't know the perfect temperature.  I know there are some bottle warmers I could buy, but I thought I would see if anyone knew the temperature.

  • Body temp is 98.6 F, so that should be about how warm breastmilk is. I can't find documentation for this though. I tried a bottle warmer and it might work if you were heating in a bottle, but I was using bags and it didn't work. It made the milk scalding hot. We just used hot tap water to thaw the milk and it was warm, but not too hot.

  • I personally didn't get use to my baby to warm her bottle. It was an advice I read on the book "what to expect when you are expecting". It is great, now if I'm out I don't need to get worry about if it warm or not.

    Don't warm the milk in the microwave, it can be too much. I strongly recommend you this warmer that I've used sometimes

    "Munchkin Deluxe Bottle and Food Warmer" it's around $20 and you can find it anyway.

  • I like warming bottles in a hot tap water bath. I put the bottle in a glass measuring cup, run the water until it's hot, but not too hot to touch, and then fill the cup up until the bottle floats. In about a minute or two, the chill has been taken off.

  • Body temp is best. There are serveral ways to warm a bottle.

    1. Heat water in a coffee cup for 1 minute in the microwave then place the bottle in the water.

    2. Run hot tap water over the bottle, or submerge the bottle in hot tap water until the desired temp.

    3. Purchase a bottle warmer.

    I recommend The First Years Night and Day Bottle Warmer. It comes with two water reseviours so those late night feedings are not as big a hassel, heats up super fast, can hold two bottles in the cooler on the back for up to 8 hrs. (great for traveling, I take it with me everywhere I go). Takes all bottles types, even the bent ones.