Advice on Breastfeeding?

  • I tried breastfeeding with my first baby and she didn't take.

    Any advice on how I can try and get my soon to be born baby to take my milk?


  • I only did it for the first two weeks of my daughters life but it went very well.  The only reason I stopped was b/c I had issues with keeping up on MY nutrition and eating well. I was nauseous after she was born and you have to stay hydrated and eat well to do it.  I know if your breasts are already on the large side it does make it harder for the little one.  I just tried my best to stay calm while getting her to latch b/c they can sense if you are getting irritated in any way.  And in the back of your mind always know if you can't do it it's ok.  That reassuring thought lead me to not being too overwhelmed with the "what if I can't do it" thoughts that tend to run through your head.  Good luck!!

  • Thank you. You helped alot. I guess I worry 2 much :)

  • Immediately after your child is born, put her to breast. Even before the "family" comes in to see you and the baby. This is often the best way to establish breast feeding. If your baby is a "natural" she will latch instantly. If not, then you will know that you need to work with her a bit before you leave the hospital. Once you get to your room and the baby is brought back to you. Ask the nurse to schedule a lactation nurse to help you with nursing. Take advantage of the help offered to you in the hospital and use this to your advantage. If you work with her and stick to it, you can be breastfeeding round the clock before you leave the hospital. If you get home and need your local la leche league for help or talk to your pediatrician. Good luck...breastfeeding is wonderful.

  • I had problems with my first daughter when I first started I dont know if you are participating in the wic program but they have breastfeeding consultants who make you feel very at ease and are extremely helpfull!!!!

  • i am acutaly going threw the same thing i tryed for the longest time with my daughter and the lactaion consultent decided she had such a naro mouth that that is why she was having a hard time i was so frustrated i had gone to meny different people for help and everyone said i was doing it right but she just wasnt getting it, i am due with my second any day now and am bound and determend its going to work this time, i have resurched a lot more and have found a few other people that might be able to help if i need it so i feal more confident, i would recomend resurching what support you have in your local area for breastfeeding mothers it really helped ease my mind to have that all ready now rather then after

  • You can start attending La Leche League meetings now and identify lactation consultants in you area who may be available if you happen to encounter difficulties.  Also, attending a breastfeeding class may help you feel prepared.

  • Dont give up !!!!  it was really hard for my daughter to take, after not leaving the hospital with me...  but remember if they are hungrey they will eat....

  • I wish it were that simple.  Some moms need help from someone like a lactation consultant, LLL leader or another mom.

  • he will smell ur milk!! u may need help with a good latch position seek help from a laction nurse as well from ur hospital they are amazing and saved my milk before u can also try squeezing a lil on his lip that worked when my son wasnt taking

  • once agian liz2011 plz dont give up even if its just a few mos it will benefit her life forever and u will be proud to say that it was one of thebest things you have ever done!!!

  • I just had my first child in Feb & she has Downs so it was harder for her to latch & she was in the NICU immediatly after she was born so it was very hard for us to breastfeed but the nipple shield did help a lot. It was still veryy difficult so I got a semi-cheap medela electric pump (swing) & just pumped & gave it to her in a bottle for about 8 weeks that way she still got the good nutrients from my breastmilk without the frustration of trying to latch, falling off, trying to latch falling off & so on.... Also, I was VERY depressed and upset about not having "the experience" of breastfeeding and my mom (who is a master's prepared nurse) said the best way to feed your baby is what is most comfortable for both of you. Babies can pick up on mommy stress & will make them more anxious & fussy. Good Luck :)

  • Make sure that a pacifier is not introduced before you get comfortable with breastfeeding. The hospital gave my son a pacifier before I had any success with getting him to latch on.  The lactation consultant said that was very confusing to him since it was the first thing he got used to suckling.  And size can be an obstacle too!

    Be patient it is a learning process for both of you, and every baby is different.