Breastfed baby BITES!

  • My son just got his 2 bottom teeth in over the past 2 or 3 weeks and he won't stop biting me! I take him off and tell him not to and show him his teeth, but still he continues to bite me! I'll be left with no nipples soon!  Now, I'm pumping and giving him formula instead, however, my milk supply is diminishing at an astounding rate!! Does anyone have any tips?? I miss breastfeeding my son!




  • Most biting occurs at the end of a feeding and your baby may not even realize what he is doing.  Try ceasing breastfeeding immediately after you sense that he is losing interest. This way, you will prevent biting before it occurs. If he does bite, immediately remove him from the breast, firmly tell him "no", and do not immediately offer other food.  Offering him more food at this point is positive reeinforcement and you don't want this.  Wait about 15 minutes prior to breastfeeding again.  If the biting continues, stop breastfeeding for at least 30 minutes.  Biting is seldom a cause for weaning.  Babies learn quickly that biting results in separation from the breast and will usually stop biting after several days

  • My son also has both bottom teeth, and soon found out how to use them, on ME! I was told to give a little flick to his mouth, take him away from my breast, and tell him "No" in a stern voice.  I did this a few times, but he honestly hasn't tried to bite in over a week now! It was hard to be "mean" to my baby, especially when he started smiling and thought I was kidding, but if that is was enables me to breastfeed longer, then it was totally worth it!

  • Interestingly, my daughter hasn't bitten me since she has had teeth.  She went through a biting phase before she had teeth.  It still hurt like heck, though.


    One thing I tried not to do was to exclaim too loudly,  (like "ouch" or "no") 'cause the thought it was a fun game to get me to call out.  I'd take her off the breast and say something like, "I don't like it" or "meal time is over."  Then I'd put her down and do something else.  She eventually learned that biting means no more momma milk.

  • Abby,

    As a mom of 5, who has breastfed all of them, I agree Biting hurts.  What I have always done, and it usually works pretty quickly, is to remove him from the breast, and to tell my kids "no bite". Then I do not place them back at the breast for 15 to 20 min or so. (Usually they are biting as a form of play.)  This sends the message that biting is bad, and if they bite, then they do not get the mama milk they want.  If you want to discontinue that particular feeding, then I would recommend pumping breast milk to keep your milk supply up, but still waiting a few minutes before giving him a bottle with the milk. If you choose to supplement with formula, I would still wait a few minutes before giving it to him, and I would continue to express milk from your breasts to keep your supply up. By waiting a few minutes, it helps send the message that what he did was wrong.

    Don't give up though! All babies go through this phase, and usually it is short lived if not a bit painful. 


    Good luck. Virginia

  • When my babies went through this it usually went away pretty quickly. The second they bit me, I yelled out "Ouch", then I made a bad face (because it hurt) and I took them off of the breast and told them NO NO. Usually, the combination of me yelling (cause I was in pain) and telling them no no worked pretty well. In about a week they all got the message that biting hurt mommy and they stopped. Hope this helps.

  • the best thing to do is just let him for a little bit longer and the just pump and and the formula