my son only likes feeding on the right side cant get him to nurse for long on left

  • so for my first it was so easy she nursed both sides no prob of course she was less fussy on one side but was pritty balanced out... my son well he really likes to nurse on the right side and i try and force him to eat on the left but he gets really upset and i just give in and say whatever. i do pump but not the same and still dont get much. ive tried different positions and nothing seems to work and he is just about 4 months now im ready to give up any suggestions or ideas highly welcomed

  • Try to get him to nurse on that side if possible...try buying a breast shield at Target to give him something more to latch on. Pump as much as you can on that side to build up your milk and he might nurse on it a bit longer. If all else fails, talk to your doctor to see if she has any suggestions!
  • Both of my children have preferred one side to another but it didn't get to this extent.  I would try putting him first on the Left side, if he protests, just pick him up and walk around for a few minutes, then come back try again.  My kids always preferred one side because the nipple was bigger, you can try expressing some milk from your left side, this should bring the nipple out and make milk readily available.  The more you give in the less that side is going to have.   Good luck, hang in there.

  • My son is about 4 months old too.  I too notice that he prefers the right side; but then again so do I- I find it more comfortable probably because I'm right handed? Do you feel more comfortable with your little one nursing on one side or the other? I find that the more comfortable I am the more comfortable he is- I just noticed the other night that I hold him a bit differently depending upon the side- I really looked at how I was holding him right handed and tried to mimic it on the left side- I find it's most comfortable if make the effort to position him a little more tilted towards the left side of my body (think of the top of baby's head pointing a little more towards you, that way he rests well in the crook of your arm)

    Also, what others are saying in regards to pumping to keep up the milk supply is true

    do you find if you don't nurse on the left side that after a while more milk will build up? I also find it more appealing to baby to give him a full breast as it's easier for him to get milk more quickly

  • Have you mentioned this to your baby's doctor? Babies can be sensitive on one side if they have ear pain or jaw pain or something else that is exacerbated by lying on that side. It is worth mentioning.

  • I've had a problem getting all three of my kids to want to eat on the left side.  For me, I figured out that not only do I just not really produce as much milk on that side (even when they are nursing on it), but that my milk doesn't let down when they suck.  I have to stimulate the letdown by rubbing the other side for a few seconds.  I also try to feed on the left side when my baby is really tired, so that she will doze and suck for a long time.  If she is wide awake, she gets frustrated and won't stay on.  But if she's sleeping, she'll keep sucking and help keep the milk coming.