I need some help... from anybody

  • I'm really sad reading about all these family members who are unsupportive of breastfeeding. There is no question breastfeeding is best for the baby, if you can do it. And it's natural. And it's WAY cheaper! My daughter had trouble learning to breast feed and I had to bottle feed her (expressed breast milk) for the first month. Then one day she finally "got it" and never looked back. I'm so glad I stuck with it and kept trying because, even though she was still getting breast milk in the bottle, I really feel like she is so much happier nursing. She never seemed to like the bottle, it was always a struggle and the feedings took forever. I think psychologically they are wired to know that nursing is the right thing and it's what they want and it makes them feel safe. It's not about "bonding" -- I know you can bond with your child if you can't or don't breastfeed, I just think it makes them happy. And my daughter is every bit as attached to her Daddy (maybe even more so) as she is to me despite breastfeeding. He just spends a lot of time with her doing other things. She is 9 months old and has never been sick a day in her life. Please don't let your family members make this decision for you. I know the father has a say in the upbringing of his children too, but from what I can tell from your post, his reasons are unreasonable (sorry). Please try to educate him. (Especially on the cost of formula.)

  • Breastfeeding is not going to make the kid wimpy, I breastfed with my daughter and she's not a wimp either. For a two-year-old she's tough. Maybe the father feels that he will be excluded if you breastfeed. Honestly, it's your choice and I know every doctor will say breast is best. If he does feel excluded, try to get him involved. He can rub your back or feet to make you relaxed, he can help you work the pump if you're doing that, I'm sure there's a lot of other things that he can do. I know with my husband, it was his third child, but his first being breastfed and he didn't take to it at first. Just try at the hospital to nurse the baby and let him get used to it. Or better yet, ask him why he really doesn't want you to breastfeed.  This may open some doors up for you two.

  • you should do whats best for your baby, no matter what anyone tells you.

  • my wife wanted to badly to breast feed our first child.  When she was born it was a long and hard labor.  The doctor just sat there and told her to push.  I wanted to push the doctor out the window.  My wife had no energy left to even hold the baby.  When it was feeding time they placed the baby with her.  She had no training on how to do it.  She was confused and gave up early.  Our daughter was hooked on Similac cause the nurse gave her that one day one. 

    Our second child was born on 12/22/2010.  He loves breast feeding.  We got our hands on a good pump and that made the big difference.  He is also feed on Similac cause we can not pump fast enough for him.  So, we switch between the two. 

    We have friends that we noticed.  A breast feed child is more healthier.  They don't get sick as much. 

    Also the hospital here in Florida was great!  They strongely pushed for breast feeding.  They provided us with nurses that trained us.  We are so greatful for that. 

  • Congradulations on the baby.  What a great early Christmas gift.  I want to try breastfeeding but if I do not do it I will at least for the first few days.  It is the best thing to do but it would be hard since I am still in college.

  • My advise would be to do what you feel is right.  You know what is best for you and your baby.  I nursed my son for 6 months and am very glad I did.  I will be honest with you it was not easy.  I have a 11 year old and a 8 year old plus my husbands support.   The only thing when you breastfeed is you have to be getting up every 2 hours to breasfteed.  It was not easy, but I wanted to try it for at least a while.  My son is now 7 months old and I swithched him to formula the begging of the year 2011 and he is doing great. 

    Just remember do what your heart tells you is right for you  and your baby.  Good Luck!!Smile


  •  I know the pressures of family opinions! I had the opposite pressures from my family but he same from friends. No one could understand why I did what I did when it came to nursing my son. I didn't know whether to feel like I was doing what was best or something totally wrong. today I still feel somewhat inadiquite as a mom becuase of it. I hope you have a chance to tell your family just what damage they've done. You need to heal that wound. I've done the best I can at healing mine by letting people know just how Hurt I was by their remarks. When your a first time mom you are already feeling a little insecure you don't need added pressure from those who should support you no matter what!!  Hope you heal your wounds. Just keep in mind that regardless of nursing or formula your Son will be a strong young man because you are doing what you can.Big Smile

  • Breastfeeding is the best thing for your child. Try getting him to read some books on how great breastfeeding is. If he is unwilling to listen do what you have to do for your baby! I cant believe he is trying to tell you how to feed your baby!

  • I know this is gonna sound odd but you need him to be comfortable with it as well so that he can help you when you need help. Talk to him about the benifets of breastmilk and if all else get a pump and pump the milk. Talk to him bc it will be even harder on you if he isnt helping out and if he disagrees you know he will be no help. I breast feed my son for about two months I wanted to do it longer however my milk didnt have enough fat in it so my son was eating all the time and not gaining any weight. I know that as much as he was eating I could have never manged without my boyfriend helping. I know we all just want to say forget him and do what we want but you will really need his support and help. Congrats on the baby and best of luck

  • Girl, its your body. you do what you think is best for you and your baby. no man can tell you that. what does he think women have breast for?

  • you need to remind your husband that it's not about what "he wants," its about what's best for your baby.