less milk intake?

  • hey ive got a seven month old who usually takes 4-6 oz in one feeding about 5 times a day... now that shes starting to eat more n more foods icluding some table food and snacks, she wont drink that much milk maybe like 3 oz twice a day is this normal?

  • I would talk to your pediatrician, but I can say for certain that six ounces of formula is not enough. Food shouldn't replace formula or breastmilk at this age. It should be in addition to formula. You might try giving her bottles a little bit before her meals. Is she drinking juice?

  • hey baby nurse thanks for your input : ) well my baby girl ONLY has 4 oz at a time about ever 3 hrs. pushing it maybe 5 or 6 oz. i mean i really gotta push her. i figured for a seven month old its not enough per se. this is her schedule of her meals.


    7am 4 oz formula ( rarely. i say this becuase she is never hungri this time i dont know why.)

    9:30 1 whole jar of gerber 2nd fod aples w/ rice cereal.

    12:00 4oz formula (obligating her)

    2:00 lunch time 1 jar gerber food veggies or meat with another jar of gerber 2nd food fruit. maybe some juice but almost never happens.

    5:00 4oz milk

    7:00 a few gerber puffs ( 4 or 5 broken up in pieces)

    9:30 bottle milk 5 oz then off to sleep

    during the night she still wakes up for her 3 am feeding usually 6 oz. then routine starts al over. does this sound right.

  • I know my daughter cut back her milk intake as other foods and drinks became options, but she still prefered it over most things. If yours isnt fighting it you can try mixing it into mealtimes more often - offering a milk to wash down snacks/meals, mixing it into her cereal (if she's eating that now), etc. We didnt have to sneak much in with ours but it never hurt to give her a little extra whenever we found an opportunity.

  • My daughter is 7 months this friday and her intake of formula did decrease also but here is her every day diet and my doc says she is doing great.

    7:00  1 1/2 TBSP cereal, 3.75 oz container of fruit, 1oz formula mixed into the cereal and i also put some fruit in her cereal. The rest of the fruit is the treat.

    8:30 - 9:00    4 to 5 1/2 oz of formula

    nap at 10:00

    12:00  1 1/2 TBSP cereal, 3.75 oz of fruit, 1 oz formula mixed in her cereal and some fruit mixed in with it the same as breakfast.

    2:00   3 to 5 oz formula

    3:00 nap

    4:30 3oz apple juice and water and mum mums cookies

    5:30   2 oz of a vegetable, 2 oz of a meat with vegetable ( apple chicken ) 1 oz fruit as dessert.

    7:00   3 1/2 oz formula

    8:30 3oz formula

    My doctor said that if they at least get 15 oz of milk or formula with vitamins it good.