Which bottles to use?

  • We had our son on 9/9/2010,  I am also breastfeeding and formula feeding.  We use the Dr Brown wide neck bottles.  Our son has not had any issues going back and forth from breast to bottle.  Good Luck!!!!  

  • I used the Tomee Tippee bottles with my second daughter and they are great! The bottles are light weight and are perfect now that she is learning to hold the bottle herself. For our first daughter I used the Advent bottles and had no issues with them. If I had to pick again, I would definetly use the Tomee Tippee ones!

  • I won't recoment Avent. However you tites the bottle it leaks. I've twins. For one we were using Avent and another Dr. Brown. Dr. Brown is okay , but had to clean with big bottles. So we changed Medela bottle, which came with breast bump. Medela bottle is the super one. Not much costly also. With this don't worry about leaking.

  • To know this give me a hope I'll go and buy it today thanks for sharing.

  • Dr. Brown's girl....Dr. Brown's.

  • The best advice I could offer you is to buy singles of different types of bottles!  I was breastfeeding and pumping.

    I originally bought Tommee Tippee's.  The nipple kept collapsing.  My daughter latched on just fine, but they just kept collapsing which causes baby to get a lot of air. 

    I tried the Medilla ones that came with the pump, they were too narrow and confused her.

    I then went out and bought way too many Avent bottles, these were ok.

    We tried the Breastflow bottles which she downright rejected.  I had to stop and pour the milk into a Tommee Tippee so she'd eat.

    I like the ease of the drop in's, but I have a hard time seeing how much is in the bottle.

    So my last purchase was a dozen Dr. Brown's wide neck bottles.  They are a pain in the butt to clean, but they helped my baby's gas situation a lot.  I'm sticking with these!!!! 

    Congrats and best of luck!!!!

  • i breast feed for 7 weeks then switched to formula... we use the playtex drop in and they are great.. no leaking.. and i just take a bottleof water with me and some extra drop in and we are set for on the go days.. u don't have to worry about washing the bottle every single use if you are out of the house... just toss the used liner and use another one.. i use a little water to rinse out the nipple and we are set....i wouldn't use anyother bottle!!

  • I agree.  We love the Tomee Tippee bottles.  They are easy to clean and reduce colic.  They are great about not causing breast confusion.  Babies are able to easily go back and forth. 

  • Dr. Browns HANDS DOWN!!!  They don't leak, help with gas & my baby eats SO much slower & has to work harder from that bottle than others (just like if he was at my breast)....so, we have no nipple confusion problems when I pump....him eating slower helps with that & that alone also reduces the gas, pain & fussiness because he's not eating too fast...along with the design of the bottle.  DR. BROWN'S FOR SURE!!!

  • We started out using the Playtex with my son, and even thought it has a vent, he was getting too much air.  We switched to Dr. Brown's bottles, and he was like a brand new baby.  They have a tube in the middle which we call his straw, and it basically eliminates any air going into his tummy.  He's almost four months now, and we can probably switch him to the more "normal" bottles, but Dr. Brown's has been great.  I would HIGHLY recommend them.  Good luck and congrats on your new arrival...your life will never be the same!

  • I use the soothie bottles.  they have the same nipple as the pacifier so it's easy transitioning back and forth.Smile

  • I like the Playtex Drop-Ins too with the NaturaLatch nipples. Smile

  • I am expexting my third child. We did try all bottles out there, but both of our children predered Avent for some reason...

  • We use the NUK bottles. I breastfeed my daughter, but need to supplement with Similac, and she has no problems switching back and forth between the breast and NUK.

  • I use Dr Browns. They prevent  gas/colic/acid reflex in my baby. They're the only bottles that work for him. I tried Gerber and they gave him gas. I also tried Evenflow and when they weren't spilling on him he was choking on the fast flow of the nipple (they were stage 1 nipples too).