Which bottles to use?

  • Hi Rech20, I too started out breastfeeding my baby but he ended up eating more than I was making so I started to use glass bottles.  And it seemed like I  had to wash a bottle every time I needed to make a bottle.  I switched to the Playtex with drop Ins.  Now I have 1 bottle and a couple extra nipples and I never have to worry over washing and sterilizing bottles.  For a busy mom I recommend the Playtex bottles.

  • Using this system how do u release the air?

  • Dr. Brown's is the ONLY bottle to use.  My baby (adopted so breast feeding isn't an option) had projectile vomitting after eating, tons of gas and tummy aches and once we bought the Dr. Brown's bottles VOILA perfect baby who could keep his milk down and his tummy feeling good.

    THEY ARE EXPENSIVE but look on ebay and you will find TONS of inexpensive lots of them, new and used.  Used is just fine, simply buy your own nipples.  I love the glass but being as expensive as they are I went on ebay and got a lot of 8 large and 8 small used for $10 with $10 shipping...the price of about ONE at Walmart and Target!

    GO WITH DR BROWNS and be worry free!

  • Multiple parts are not an issue if you put them together as you put them into the cabinet...and to put together a Dr. Brown bottle with a screaming infant in your arm takes exactly 4 seconds longer for hours of more comfort for your baby....cry for 4 seconds more?  Or cry for 4 hours after eating?  The only way a Dr. Brown's will leak is if you buy cheapy non Dr. Brown nipples and try to use them with the bottles.  you MUST use Dr. Brown's nipples.

  • I breastfeed and also pumped and i used the avent bottles and loved them..the dr brown bottles leak very bad...

  • My son was very colicky when he around 3 weeks, I started out using with playtex  vent air, it wasnt helping at all, also if you dont put the bottoms on right, they just leak out the bottom. I switch to playtex drop ins. They do become alittle pricey but they are worth it. His colic slowy went away and I love the fact that I dont have to worrie about his sucking air when the bottle is empty.

  • I am a new mom I purchased the new Tommee Tippee's.   I really didnt care for them, so I switched over to Dr Browns and I just love them and so does baby

  • Congrats!  My baby was born November 17 and I am breastfeeding.  I have been pumping when I can (when he gives me a break hehe).  I have not used Avent bottles cause I have heard they allow for too much milk to come out too fast.  I am currently using breastflow by first year and LOVE them.  I have tried playtex and someother bottle and there was too much spit up even as I was burbing him.  I took the blue under cap out of the breastflow nipple and use them without since they only kept the milk in the nipple part (you will understand when you see them).  Good luck and I hope all goes well! 

  • I use Playtex VentAire Advanced bottles and would highly reccomend them.You can buy one to try and later buy a starter kit if you like. It reduces gas, spit up, and colic. I'm very happy with them. Easy to take apart to clean.

  • I'm using the Avent bottles, they are great! The parts are interchangable with Avent sippy cups too.  I looked into the Dr. Browns (which my sister used) but too many parts. 

  • I use Avent and my son seems to like them!  He has no trouble going from breast to Avent bottles.

  • my son has been alomst on every bottle that they make he did alright at first on the Dr. Browns nipples but he seemed as if he wasnt get enough food to staisfy his hungar so i finally switched him back to the vent air bottles they do alright but still am not completely satisfied any suggestions

  • have u ever been sitting there feeding ur baby and all of a sudden u hear air coming out the bottom of the bottle or have u noticed that if u apply just a little pressure on the nipple it makes a loud sucking noise toward the milk well i have what am i doing wrong?

  • The Avent Bottles are really a good choice to use. I used them for my baby and had no problem w/ them. There Great!

  • I haven't had my baby yet but alot of my friends and especially my cousin have used Avent bottles and they (she ) said they were great and gave the baby less gas..  I won't exactly know til I have my own in April..