Which bottles to use?

  • On second baby and she has a lot of gas issues. Tried playtex drop ins and vent-aire. Nice but not great. Used Avent with first baby, but she didn't have the gas. I didn't like that if you didn't get lid on just right, they will leak. Same with playtex. Now use Dr. Brown's. LOVE THEM. Best for the gas, no leaks ever, and my daughter does drool alot of the milk out of her mouth with these as she did with the others. I use the standard nipple and base, not the wide mouth. Better I think for her little mouth. She loves these and they really aren't hard to clean. I use the glass. Have even dropped them on my tile floor,(only 2 x's) and no breaks or chips. Very hardy and easy to use, I think. Hope  this helps.       

  • Im a 2nd time mom. first time easy baby. second time a colicky fussy, crying all day n all night until you dont knw what day it is or if youve brushed your teeth today, kind of baby. i bought 4 types of bottles with my 2nd. The best and my #1 recc is Dr Browns bottles worth every single penny. I wish I would have used from beginning!

  • We like vent aire wide they are a pain in the butt to clean!!! We like that he can sit up more with the playtex, it doesnt drip down his ear. We tried avent and he liked them as a newborn they leak all over the place and we dont like them. dr brown is good but they are skinny nippels our man likes big ones good luck in bottle choosing . It will really all come down to which bottle does your baby like best

  • Dr Brown bottles are the best !!!

  • So my breastfeed baby Boy has just decided to NOT use the bottle now and I go back to work next week!  Blahhhh!  I have found that using the Playtex Nurser with the liner bags (Not drop in) along with a latex nipple, has been the best to work with him!  He still fusses some, it is no longer a screaming match and he will eat for other people now.  We tried the Playtex vents with the latex nipple but he didn't like it so we tried it with the bags and he drank for dady!  If your not careful, they will leak some, but to get my son to drink for others while I am at work, it is worth the hassle!!!

  • I purchased the Tomee Tipee bottles because they are supposed to be an easy transition from breast to bottle, but found out after my daughter was born that the nipple was confusing to her.   After going through 5 or 6 different bottle types, the only one she would accept is the NUK bottle with the orthodontic nipple.  It's all in the nipple shape.  These were recommended by the lactation consultants at my hospital.

  • Every baby is different.  What works for one baby may not work for another.  This is particularly true for breastfed babies who do not get artificial nipples in the beginning.  They often reject various bottles and it may take some time to find one that they like because they are used to a real nipple.

  • hi and congratulations. I had my third baby last november. I almost forgot how is to have this little person because the pregnancy before this was 20 years ago. The Tommy bottles are great but Ihave a big problem because my baby doesnt want any nipple.  I dont  know what to do. 

  • i really like the avent bottles and they have cool things to convert all the bottles to sippy cups :)

  • Our baby was born on January 14, 2011 and someone told us to use Dr. Browns bottles.  They are wonderful.  No gas, no fussing, the straw type feature in the middle of the bottle seems to get rid of all the air and the steamer that you can buy with the bottles is great for night feedings/

  • I used playtex dropin bottles. they're expensive with the liners & what not, but they help reduce gas & spittting up alot. plus they're alot easier too wash  & always sterile ;)

  • Soothie 

    the first years bottle.. it works perfectly.. 

  • I love my NUK bottles!! And yes it did make the transition easier!

  • Where do i get these DR BROWN bottles from I live in Australia  PLEASE HELP ME DESPERATE MOM

  • I am using the Playtex Ventaire Advanced bottles and my babies love them! I have twins and they were having issues with reflux, and spit up so we started using Playtex. We have tried the Soothie brand bottles, and Avent and our twins just aren't liking anything other than Playtex. Every baby is different and has their own preference so its mostly trial and error. Good luck and Congrats!! Big Smile