Which bottles to use?

  • try playtex drop ins its the only bottles my little one will take and it helps with her spitting up as well.

  • I'm not sure where you would go to purchase them in Australia but I bet you could order them online.

  • I just bought one to try out.  Do you know if it will screw on to the medella pump?

  • my daughters 1st child is 4months old.my daughters 2nd child is due in 0ct/2011.she has had to use similiac altemeium.it is expensive.i try to get coupons for her.as far as bottles.she likes the dr brown bottles.i like them too.i am not sure where she got them though

  • our son was born 2/16/11 and we started with playtex bottles then tommee tippee but ended up with Dr Browns and they are soo worth it!  even with the extra parts, baby has so much easier time drinking without seeming like hes going to drown in his milk and nighttime feedings are easier too with little gas. Amazon has great deals  on them too.

  • I as well love the dr. brown bottles. I started with avent, and little Ava was very colicy. A friend of mine suggested the dr.brown bottles and they helped so much. She is 5 months and using them.

  • Before my baby was born, I wasn't sure what bottles to buy, and my sister-in-law suggested I buy a couple of several brands in the 4-oz range and then see which one my baby ending up responding the best to and then I could stick with that brand and buy more later and buy the larger ones of that brand when he needed more to eat.

    I did that, and for my baby Avent and Born-Free have been marvelous. I started breastfeeding in the hospital, but by discharge I switched solely to bottled formula. Even though I breast-fed only a couple days, he was picky about having nipples like his mommy's, which in our case Avent and Born-Free closely replicated. He did not care for the nipples on Gerber and Parent's Choice. Also, the Avent and Born-free do a pretty good job of reducing the amount of air he swallows.

  • I just had my first baby, a girl, on 3/25/11. We started out with Playtex drop ins, but they aren't as great as you think, and it's a pain to deal with the bag while your baby is hungry and screaming her lungs out. I'm supplementing between the breast and bottle.

    Once the Playtex bottles were done for I went for the Avent bottles. I love them and so does my baby girl! I definitely recommend using them. Since we switched she's already not as fussy or gassy as before, there's no bag to mess with so making her mad is not an issue.

    I even took the Playtex breastpump I had got back and bought the Avent Isis IQ Duo breastpump. I LOVE ANYTHING AVENT NOW! Great products, they can be a little pricey, but a happy mom and baby are well worth it.

  • they are absolutly wonderful. my son is 9 weeks and he loves them. not once has he thrown up or spit up since he was born, and very rarely untill just recently does he burp.. you made a good choice they really are worh it

  • Dr. Browns, and we love them

  • DR BROWNS IS THE WAY TO GO! my son came 11 weeks early dr browns is what they use in the nicu. they are the best....no spit up hardly eny gas or crying :} at nite just put the peices togther and premsure the powder and water. then put it together when your baby is ready to eat. it just takes a few seconds, but its worth it.

  • We werent very happy with those. My son kept getting milk everywhere. It was like he was choking on it and they were the very first stage nipples too. Not sure what was going on???? Switched to Dr. Browns and love them. Playtex with the drop ins are great too!

  • best bottles to use are the ones that need drop-ins. when you are done shaking the bottle you can take all the air and gas out to keep your baby from having more gas than he or she would in a regular bottle. and after your baby is finished with the bottle you throw away and use a new drop-in for better cleaniness because reusable plastic bottles get bacteria inside no matter how much you clean it. Its just smarter and healthier for your baby and the drop ins come in packs of 50 and 100

  • I breastfed for 7.5 months and we used the NUK bottles at daycare...also, you can buy sippee cup tops on amazon.com and then use them as sippee cups later...genious!  My little boy never had a problem switching back and forth between breast and bottle...just make sure to use the slow nipples as long as you are breastfeeding.

  • love the tommee tippee