Which bottles to use?

  • Tomee tipee bottle are the best...A litlle expensive but so worth it. My daughter had gas issues at first and these helped alot. I started her off with breast feeding and these made switching to bottles very easy.

  • I love the Dr. Brown bottles. 

  • Dr. brown bottles are great! :)

  • We used Playtex Advanced VentAire. We used the wide version while I was still breastfeeding since it was a closer mimic to the breast. Then when we stopped BFing, we switched to the standard, which is slimmer and easy to take along. LOVE them. My sister-in-law and I both used them and our kids didn't have gas or spit-up issues, didn't have colic, and seemed pretty content with them. Plus the slight curve and vent in the back is supposed to prevent extra air from entering their tummies so in general it's a great option.

  • My daughter is 12 and when she was liitle I used the playtex drop in system. When I had my son 2 yrs. ago I decided to use the same but changed my mind and used the newer playtex vent aire bottles. Although they worked good and he didnt mind going back and forth between these and the breast I did find I was spending 20 minutes washing bottles twice daily so I switched him back to the playtex drop ins. Much easier since you have many less parts to clean and they are sterile each time so if you're out you can rinse the nipple and ring and drop in a new fresh bag. At a recent trip to walmart I saw they came out with thier own version for half the price! They seem exactly the same and even better since the starter kit comes with silicone nipples not the old fashioned brown latex. I will be buying these and using some coupons to buy some playtex brand. I never bought the bags that were name brand since they are all the same. I pay about $5 for 100 at walmart oppsed to playtex's $8.50 and also the walmart bottles that are same as the playtex are a mere $2.50 compared to $6. The more bottles the better because you can just stick them in the dishwasher and not have to worry about cleaning them all day!!!!

  • I used the Dr.Browns bottles and my son loved them.  He Never got colic as most kids do.  He switched from brest to bottle with no problem. 

  • Dr. Browns

    i feel like they work better and my baby loves them :D

  • we also use the playtex drop ins!!! They r the best!!! My son has gas real bad and someone told me about them and it has help so much


  • I am a mother of two now 32 years old and 25 years old and each of my children have had children therefore i am an involved nana of two wonderful granddaughters. I raised both my children and grandchildren on playtex nursers. While they weren't called "drop ins" when they were little and the nipple was shaped differently, they are basically the same idea thirty years later.

    Both my children and grandchildren have done extremely well on these nursers, my son was born prematurely and had a feeding problem, having a disorder which made him projectile vomit after feedings once in a while ( that eventually resolved itself). The nursers are easy to use, you don't need to worry about sterilzing the bottles, and they produce less gas than any other bottle I have ever used.

    I wholeheaartedly recommend the playtex nuersers. they may be a little more expensive but they are when used correctly, always sterile, they only thing needing to be washed thouroughly is the nipple and of course the bottle holder needs to be washed but not to the extent of a regular bottle.

    The very fact they have been around so long tells me that they are well worth it.




  • Since I found out that I was preggers with my second son, I knew I had to get the Playtex Ventaire. I was looking for the ones my son used to use, but they were discontinued and now Playtex has the Ventaire Advance which on my behalf it has worked wonders to my son! I dont have any gas problems or colic problems of such. And, through my pregnancy and taking in consideration of my sister's advice she's like "Use the Tommee Tipee" I went to my local Babies 'r' Us and comapred bottles they had regular and the ones for to reduce gas vs the playtex ventaire advance both do the same thing except that the Venataire advance prevent ear infections and costs less ( for the price of 1 tomme tipee I can buy a pack of three of the Ventaire ones) I love the nipple shape and would make the transition to bottle much easier but I chose the brand that would save me some bucks. But, believe me If I had the money and I was working during my pregnancy I would've  the tomme tipee just because of the nipple shape. So I would recommend either the Playtex Ventaire Advance and the Tommee Tipee

  • My baby is about to be 9 months old and honestly your baby makes the choice of what bottle they like... i was using the Nuk bottle for about the first 6 months but when she could hold the bottle herself she didnt like it anymore because of the way the nipple is shaped she kept turning it upside down, but for a smaller baby i think they are really great because it fits the shape of a babys' mouth... hope this helps

  • Dr Brown's..... My baby NEVER got colic but you do have little more work with cleaning them. There are multiple nipples that you will have to buy thoughout your babys life with the bottle but deffently recommend them! Yes again expencive BUT you would rather have a HAPPY BABY then a gassy baby. GOOD LUCK & CONGRATS! Wink

  • We love the Dr. Browns bottles. I did my research & read reviews to see what people thought of them. Yes they do reqiure a lot of parts but I personally dont think its that big of a deal because I think the bottles work great. My husband has even tried them out & said he couldnt suck in air in. My only compliant would be is I think my baby is finished with the formula so I take the bottle out & as soon as I turn it right side up more milk comes out of the clear long tubey part. I try to put it back in her mouth to finish off the last little bit but she wont take it. 

  • I've been try so many bottles before Playtex ventare this bottle is so easy to clean and easy for the baby no gas and she eat alot better.... I was try Dr.brown and it's so many part to clean and Nuk my baby don't like this nipples.... My first baby i use avent is good too... but for me i think the best is Playtex..... sometime you have to try a few brand so you'll know what your baby like...

    Good luck

  • I love the Tommee Tippee bottles! Big Smile