Which bottles to use?

  • My daughter had a lot of gas problems, we tried so many different formulas before we finally switched to Playtex drop ins. They are the best bottles ever, she was burping so much better and her gas problems subsided. I would recommend them for any baby. Especially for a breastfed baby who also receives formula as a supplement.
  • We've used tommie tippee and Dr. Browns. Started with Born free and they seem to work best for us. Good luck!

  • I hear you we love Dr. browns also, great bottle...lol Yes

  • im a mom for 1 month now. i used born free too its a good bottle.

    i recomend born free and easy to clean up too.


  • My son is almost 4 months old and we love the Dr. Brown's bottles! They truly make a difference. However, they may not be the best bottle to use while breastfeeding until you and your little one are really good at it. I had intended to breastfeed exclusively but had to supplement to keep my son's weight up and the Dr. Brown's nipples increased nipple confusion for my son. I was never able to breastfeed exclusively once we started using bottles so be careful. I ended up having to pump and feed my son both breast milk and formula from a bottle and it broke my heart because I was so set on breastfeeding. It affected my milk supply and made my post partum depression worse than it already was. So wait as long as you can to use a bottle and if you have to use one early on I would suggest one designed to simulate breastfeeding. Once your breastfeeding is well established or you switch to formula, go with Dr. Brown's!

  • For me with my daughter we used Avent from the beginning and we have not had Winkany problems.  she took to the nipple very well and now that she is 7 months she hold her bottle with out a problem and we have no problem with leaks.  Her weight gain is right on target and she is going to be a big girl like daddy.Wink

  • Dr. Brown bottles were a lifesaver for me and my twins. The difference was really amazing when we switched.

  • I am using born free as wel as my sister in law, they are amazing!! and easier to clean than the dr borwns and cheaper then having to buy bags for the playtex. I also work at a daycare and chilren with this bottle learn to hold it themselves sooner because of the shape!!

  • i was reading in a magazine that BreastFlow was good :)Yes

  • I used AVENT with my daughter who is now 5 and they were excellent, but this time with my 6mod they leak everywhere.

  • BreastFlow will be best for breast feeding, they have ones with liners too. They are designed like the breast, not just looks, but functions, baby won't over eat, no nipple confusion, it's the best. Trust me.