making baby food

  • I am hoping to make my son's baby food when he starts to eat solids.  I know how to make it, but am not sure how long it can be refridgerated or frozen.  Also, for those of you who do this, what type of apples and pears do you use?  There are so many to choose from.


  • I never froze the baby food I made, but that is a great idea. Here is a link from the U.S. Dept of Agriculture regarding freezing food safely. You can follow the same guidelines for baby food as you would your own food.

    I always used whatever organic apple or pear our local produce section had.

    You can also find tons of great recipes at I found great recipes there, including one for fried bananas that my daughter just loved. The recipes often tell you which type of fruit to buy. There is even one for mixed apples that requires several different types.


  • My mom used to make baby food for my daughter. Mostly pureed fruit or peas. She would dish the food out into little Gerber plastic baby food containers and pop them into the freezer for single-serve meals. We found that to be the best way to go. Keeping it in the fridge led to a lot of wasted food. This way, everything was perfectly portioned and all I had to do was pull a few containers out of the freezer and pop them into the fridge the night before.

  • Thanks so much for the info.  The making baby food website was helpful, and I like the idea of using the plastic containers from baby food.  I'm sure I can get a hold of some of those.



  • I dont know if there is a publix near you but they have a great program for parents to make their own baby food. They provide materials and even coupons. You should look into it and see if it can be of use to you as well.