• I"M 25 wks pregnant and i just bought an Evenflo comfort select dual breast pump and im a bit through off on what types of bottles to buy. i planed on buying playtex brand bottles they say it is compatible with all breast pumps but the research ive done makes me think that evenflo bottles are all u can use. so i guess im hoping for a mom out there that has used the this breast pump for advice? please help!!!

  • i used an evenflo dual pump also. . .  but i didnt have to buy seperate bottles to attach to it.  maybe im confused as to what your asking but my pump came with two bottles that attached to the end of both pumps. i would pump and then put it in storage bags for freezing so i had all different types of bottles. i dont know if this helped but that was what i did. Yes

  • I just had my first baby on 9-21-10. I breast feed him as well. I use the same breast pump and just store the milk once im done in freezer bags. I also use different kinds of bottles. But make sure on the nipples its the ones that say "slow" for milk to come out for when the baby drinks. I made a mistake and had a "rapid" flow one on a bottle one day and he just kept spitting all the milk out due to the milk was coming out too fast. But being a first time mom its a learning experience. I have the Playtex/drop in bottles. and really i just used the bags i put the milk in to freeze or refridgerate and just fit them on the bottle instead of wasting drop ins. But if you freeze your milk, let it thaw in the ref for 24 hours before using. Of course you need to warm it up as well once you are ready to feed. If you need anything else just let me know. This is all new to me as well. Just learning as every day goes by. Big Smile

  • I have this same pump (and am not enjoying it very much, it's kinda slow) and you can connect it to any standard size bottle. Right now I have mine connected to the playtex ventair bottles and they're working just fine.