Milk and /or powder ?

  • I've been feeding my 3 week old daugher Similac Advanced, the one that pours straight into the bottles, no powder or water added.  I am curious about feeding her powdered milk when we are out on the go.  Can you use the same brand of milk and powdered milk at the same time without it harming my babies belly?  It would be so much more convenient to be able to carry bottles of room temperature water instead of trying to carry cold bottles of milk and finding ways of heating it up while you're out and about.

  • Well I have never heard of any difference between the two except one is already mixed and the other you have to mix yourself.  I have used both powder and ready to go kind. Never had any problems. I personally prefer the powdered, especially if you have to leave the house for a long period. You don't have to worry about anything going bad. Because you make the bottles as you need them.

    They also sell individual packets of the powder, so you don't have to measure.  There's like 16 packets to a box, and each packet makes 4 oz bottles. Just put the amount of water you want in a bottle and go. I've always worried about the ready to go going bad before I could use it. And I always make sure I have extra water on hand just in case.


  • There are advantages to both the powder and the "ready to feed" formula. Feel free to use both throughout your child's first years. I used the powder quite frequently when I was out on the go and it was great and very convenient. 

  • There really shouldn't be an issue with using powder vs. ready to feed formula. I agree that it is difficult to keep milk cold and find a means to heat the bottle while out. Powders can be really great in that regard. Good luck!

  • I agree. It's perfectly fine to use the ready to feed at home and the powder when you are out and about. I also LOVE the little powder packets. They are so easy to grab and toss into your diaper bag. You don't have to worry about measuring out powder and it's not bulky in your bag.

  • Either way would be fine. I use the individual to go bottles and they just thrown in the bag.  I use to warm it up in the begining first few weeks and then stopped b/c i was told she would get way to use to having it warmed after she grew older. I dont chill them especially after they are use to haveing it at room temp.

  • I prefer the powdered kind.  It is cheaper and travels better than the ready to feed kind.  When my girls were younger they didn't seem to mind the difference.

  • Im the opposite I use powder at home and ready to feed on the go.  I buy the individual travel size ready to feeds (because they can stay room temperature when unopened) when im leaving the house.  But in the house I use powder because powder is cheaper and last longer.

  • I am doing the same too , it is easer that way espicially when you use the ready to feed when you go out.i use both of them and my baby is tolarating it well.

  • I use both the powder and ready to feed versions of Similac Advance.  You just have to make sure you measure correctly when using the powder.  For example, my son drinks 5.5 oz of milk now and the instructions are for 2,4,6,8 oz bottles.  In that case, I find it easy to make 4oz of powder and 1.5 oz of ready to feed to make sure I have an accurate bottle. 

  • Our hospital said no powder formula until the baby is 1 month old; until then it is best to only give the liquid which is ready to feed. Kids with special needs and preemies may need ready to feed even longer. Don't risk it - check with your pediatrician or hosital lactation group.

  • i feed my 3 month newborn the powered form & use the ready to feed bottle when we travel. using room temp water with the powered disolves better good. the travel indiviual ready to feed bottles r good 4 single use & then jus trash much easier when on the go & his belly seems 2 b fine. i think the ready to feed formula is alot smoother, i like mixing em up jus to get him used 2 both.