Angry with nipples and bottles

  • My daughter, for the past two weeks, has been pushing her bottle out of her while feeding, then crying to have it back again. I don't know if this is a sign that I'm not getting, but I've been wrestling to keep it in her mouth so she'll eat. Any ideas?

  • How old is your daughter? Have you talked to your pediatrician yet? Was she eating well from the bottle before this? Let me know and maybe I can help! 

  • If this is something that's suddenly started happening I would wonder if she's hungry but uncomfortable somehow. Is she perhaps teething or do you see any white patches in her mouth? Has she been congested or anything? Is she sleeping okay at night? I would second the suggestion that you call the doctor's office if she keeps doing it because there might be some physical discomfort. My daughter did that when she had an ear infection.

  • I agree with the other ladies - check with your pediatrician to see if there isn't something that could be making her uncomfortable. Sometimes kids start to sort of play games and fool around with the bottle and end up frustrating themselves. Is she old enough to hold the bottle herself? Maybe she wants more independence but can't quite figure it out yet and is annoyed. It's so hard to know what our babies are up to sometimes, isn't it?? Hang in there - hope it gets better for you.

  • I had the same exact problem with my son. He would get fussy and cry and kinda act like he was hungry, but its normal for babies to want to suckle for comfort. He would just kinda gum it and push it aside, and then scream like I was starving him when I took it cause he showed no interest right?! He was getting a bit congested, and turns out he was getting a cold, and got diarrhea. He would do that when got uncomfortable when he would poop. He got a horrible diaper rash really fast! And actually knowing that sign as a sign of discomfort was my indication he needed changed, even if it was just one pee in his diaper, it made him upset. So i agree with the other ladies, you should go see your doctor, your baby may be trying to tell you something. Good luck and God bless

  • I had the same issue with my daughter she is now 12 weeks old and I can finally say I found a bottle and a nipple she liked. I did have to changer her formula to a super sensative one and I tried different bottles and nipples along the way. She is now ok with her formula and her nipple and bottle. She is using the nuk. I tired avent, dr brown, born free, playtex droppin and vent air, and finally the nuk. She is happy with this bottle. It was trial and error.