Anyone successly breastfed after bottle feeding previous children?

  • For various reasons, my oldest children (now 7 and 5) were bottle fed. I had no success with the first and gave up after a week. With the second, I was not able to breast feed because of a viral illness that I had at the end of my pregnancy. Should I try to breast feed this next child (due in September)? Are some women just not able to breast feed? Anyone had success breastfeeding after previously bottlefeeding their other children?


  • Just get yourself ready and you'll have a better chance of success.  Talk to a lactation consultant before hand and get friends and family to support you.  You may also look into a Baby Doula to help you get started for the first crucial weeks.  I wasn't able to breastfeed my first past five months because of low milk supply and honestly because I didn't know how to handle it.  I am now successfully nursing a ten month old and working full-time.  It can be done.  All you can do is try to stick to it, and if it turns out that it doesn't work than you will know you at least tried.  Good Luck

  • Some women cannot breastfeed, but it is a VERY small percentage. Almost any mom can nurse with the right amount of dedication, support, and knowledge. 

    I think a lot of women want to nurse and are dedicated, but do not have a good support system. I talk to moms all the time who were told by the nursery nurses that their baby had to have formula until their milk came in or they needed to pump after each and every feeding. These things just aren't true. They set women up to fail.

    My son was a terrible nurser. It took us a full six weeks to get it right and even then we weren't great at it. We stuck it out for 10 months. My daughter nursed like a champ from the beginning and I nursed her for 18 months.

    My advice is to get a book dedicated 100% to nursing and learn it before you go in. That way you will recognize bad advice if you get it. I read "So That's What They're For" and found it to be helpful. There are longer, more informative books out there, but this one is easy to read, funny, and helpful.

    All you can do is prepare ahead of time and give it your best shot. I hope it works out for you!

  • You should definitely try it.  Just keep at it.  My girl was bottle fed for close to two weeks between waiting for my milk to come in and trying to get her to latch.  I was close to giving up when I switched to the NUK nipples with the wide base on her bottles because they are supposed to be designed to promote nursing.  They work!  They seemed to be close enough to the real thing that she figured out the latch pretty quickly, and we had no problems nursing from then on.  Good Luck!! 

  • I have a 7 and a 3 year old that I did not breastfeed. With my 3rd child I did decide to breastfeed him and Im so glad that I did. Some of my friends that werent successful highly recommended to take a class on it.  Im so glad that I did because they explained everything. I mean who new that when a baby is first born that there stomach is the size of a marble. I only lasted 3 months but Im glad I got to experience it.