Sams Club not accepting $5 check/coupon?

  • My local Sams Club will not accept the Similac $5 checks I am mailed every so often.  Does anyone have the same problem, suggestions, etc?  I am told that their "new systems do not accept them."  I can't help but wonder if it's cashier laziness or Sams Club just does not accept them?

    I love that they carry the large tub of Similac Advance and to be able to use my checks there would help out greatly! 


  • Had the same issue at Walmart. I was in suh a hurry though that I just told them forget it and I havent tried again since cuz I keep forgetting them at home.

  • They tried to hassle me at Wal-mart as well.  They can run the check as a vendor coupon if it won't go through the check machine.

  • I had the same problem at Walmart just ask for a manager  they can help.

  • Is Sam's Club a wholesaler, like Costco? Wholesalers do not accept manufacturer's coupons. Retailers like Target, CVS, Safeway, etc. do. 

  • I haven't had any problems, I was able to use a "check" just last week.  

  • actually sams does not accept any coupons but walmart does and i like babies rus because you get a free case for so many you buy and its about the same price  and if you have coupons prolly the exact same. just get the babies rus card they do the ready to feed thats the only thing but i know they have coupons and accept coupons for similac so you can use a babies rus and manufactures they even sometimes have a $5 or $10 gift card free with purchase so really you could buy somthing needed. I like them the best.

  • I called my local Sam's club last week before I went out, and was told that as long as it was the "check" from Similac they take them. It tells the cashier how to run it through as long as directions are followed there should be no problem. I was also told that they will take the 20.00 "check" as long as they are from Similac.

  • Wow that is really good to know because i was told that sams does not accept any. I was told that by the cashier so imsorry to feed the wrong info to everyone. I guess it was cashier laziness or lack of knowlege. so I wonder now if they take the checks does anyone know if that applys for other things like baby food or say carseats?

  • If a place accepts checks they can accept the Similac checks.  That is how they need to run it through as a check.  And you have to give them the check and let them process it BEFORE you swipe your card, otherwise it doesn't work.

    Like others said, ask for a manager if it happens again.

  • Sams Club does not accept any coupons for any item what so ever

  • @amyrnws - yes, I think everybody agrees with that...but it is not a coupon it is a check.

  • I currently work at Sam's Club as a cashier and we have always had problems with similac checks we took them when I first started working there back in late 09' but now we have had some serious problems with them. I have been told by my supervisors what most of you have been saying that we are not set up to accept them.  That is why we don't take normal clip out coupons, our systems donnot support coupons. From what I donnot understand is we had no problem with them before but now with the electronic checking it doesn't. I went to walmart last night and read in the small print  where it says not process through an electronic check acceptance machine.... My heart sank because now I rely on these coupons and its hard to use them anywhere! And it sucks I cannot use them at  my own store. It may vary from state to state we started electronic checking around march of 10' so yeah. I hope I was helpful I wasn't really helping just supporting facts. :) 

  • Costco will take the checks/coupons for formula only.

  • I had the same problem. If you have a BJ's near your home  they accept them.