Sams Club not accepting $5 check/coupon?

  • My SAM's accepts the coupon checks and local Walmart in TX............I hope ur local one starts to accept them because 5.00 is alot of help off..

  • I had that problem at walmart just last month but i did recently used it and it went through i think that it just depends on which register u go through with the check machine they can be very picky...i always go to target and do it...they accept it gladly

  • I have used them just fine @ both WalMart & Sam's Club ... they enter them as a check usually ... sometimes as a coupon either way I haven't been hassled. ;)

  • I was having that problem too but after they realized it wasn't a coupon that it is a check it was ok except everytime I go I get a new cashier that has no idea what it is...

  • I use the "check" coupons at BJs and Walmart and they work.  Make sure you didn't pass the expiration date on the check. 

  • I work at wal mart and we do take them. just tell the cashier to type in 5.00 and press vendor coupon.

  • I  work at wal mart as a cashier. just tell the cashier to put in 5.00 or whatever the check amount its. then press vendor coupon. and that's it. you can't run it though the check machine.

  • I go to Costco and they cash them!

    I have checked costco/samsclub/babiesrus/bj/walmart.

    Costco gives more bang for you buck

  • It's a check not a manufacturer's coupon. It needs to be ran like a check. Costco does take them. They'll take more than on at a time, I'll get a couple of tubs at a time. They"ll even take it if it's expired. The Costco I go to, they are the best, nicest people.  Hope that helps.

  • what state?

  • Costco accepts the $5 checks. I have never had issues with them, I have used them for 2 kids. Its not a coupon, it's a "check" and i think that is the only reason they will accept it.

  • Go to Giant...they accept coupons/checks.

  • Their system won't take them but they always just take off the $5.00 for me at my store.

  • Our Sam's has always accepted them try next time telling them to enter it as cash because it  may not be read through their machiene and have them take down your name and member number that is always what we have had to have them do. Since it's a check and not a cupon they should take it