Sams Club not accepting $5 check/coupon?

  • My Costco told me that they cannot accept the check -nor- any coupons!!!  I might do what others have stated and call similac and see and then maybe get a manager involved when checking out.

  • I heard the same. If you are a costco member, they accept them hassle free....

  • Yes, and BJs takes all manufacturer coupons too

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  • I work at Sam's Club, and we do take them. It was just a bad cashier. Next time tell them to run it as a $5 check or ask for a COS or manager. They really must have been new or completely ignorant. Good Luck.


    Oh and Walmart does take them, just tell the CSM or Manger to help.

    Hope it helps!!

  • Grocery stores like Stop & Shop definitely access them!

  • I had the same problem, but I told them that I have always used my checks and they were accepted. Tell the cashier to call a manager.  If the system does not accept the check, they manually put it in as a cash transaction, where they subtract $5 from your total bill. 

  • You can use your "CHECKS" at Sam's club.  It is considered a check not a coupon.  They run as

     a check and deduct the $5 from your bill.  I have 4 kids and I have used them with all of them from Sam's.

  • I thought Sams dont except coupons? yours does?

  • hi i work for sams club and noticed today that we do except the 5$ checks for similac i thought that was neat but i dont know it could have been the lazyness of the cashier or just couse your in a diffrent state figured i would let you know


  • Sams club does take them. They are a check not a coupon. I use them there all the time. Sometimes they have problems and the manager just has them ring it as cash and put it in the draw. I think Sams does don't educate their cashiers and some are just lazy. Formula is expense and we have every right to use those checks. Always ask for a manager if the cashier won't do it.

  • BJs also sends out valuable coupon books monthly usually with lots of baby coupons (similac, diapers etc.) and they accept ALL manufacturers coupons. I have found that BJS is the best wholesale club around

  • its a big help receiving a coupon form similac. but sometimes store cashier take time to accept the coupon., and later on the manager will allowed it. thanks similac anyway

  • I was at my local sams store 6-15-2011- chesterfield, mo, and bought formula. The cashier asked if I had a Similac Check because they took the $5.00 similac checks that we get in the mail.

  • I don't think Sam's Club accepts any coupons!

  • I went to the service desk before I used it and they said since it was like a check and they could imprint it , they would take it.  They just won't take a normal coupon.