Sams Club not accepting $5 check/coupon?

  • My Sams Club accept the Similac $5 check.. and i checked some at target too.. i had no problems. (whew).

  • my Costco takes the $5 checks!

  • It would be nice if the retailers knew of the problems customers were having that they would change their system - instead of sending checks they should send prepaid cards or actual coupons - not third party checks.  I will just start using them - I hope there won't be too many problems.


  • I think sams club does not accept coupons in general. you can go to walmart, HEB, Kroger, Randell, foodarama.........

  • I never had a problem at my local wal-mart.  they take them.

  • They can run them as cash or check they have to except them

  • I am a Check Out Supervisor at Sam's...we accept them as long as they are in the form of a check...we have recently switched to a new system for our check acceptance and does sometimes decline the my Club we always take care of the member and run the check as cash because we know it is a valid check and the issue is our system...not the check...hope that helps

  • dont let any sams club or wal mart tell you they cant use them......or that their systems dont accept it. i was a cashier at wal mart and if anyone gives u greif you get a manager over there to the register. They r suppose to run them through as a check i beleive and even if they can not figure it OUT they just need to treat it as a coupon.


  • I'm pretty sure they have to take these coupons.  They're like checks.  I am a loyal BJ's Wholesale Club member and I get the large tubs and use my coupons ALL THE TIME!!!!  Maybe you should try BJ's if Sams keeps hassling you.  Good luck!

  • Ya I had that problem too. I talked to a manager there and they said it's because it's considered a manufacturer's coupon and they don't accept those. So I switched to BJ's where they do accept all manufacturer's coupons. Plus if BJ's has a coupon in their monthly booklet for similac, i get to use both coupons which is really awesome!

  • I have used coupons at Sam's and Costco-had no problem at all.

  • Got some from Sam's yesterday and they had to run the coupon as cash.  Tell them to do that.  The machine did not want to take it but the manager told the clerk to run it as cash.


  • I had the issue at walmart too and each time the cashier calls the manager or tells me they better not get into trouble for taking them but they keep running them through as vendor coupons.

  • i work at sams club in Fargo ND and we still take them