Similac Spit up

  • My dr gave me samples of Enfamil AR. I want to know if SImilac Spit up is comparable to this as I don't really want to switch the brand.

  • The Similac for Spit Up is lactose-free, whereas the Enfamil is not

  • Similac Spit up is what I use for my twins and it is a milk-based formula.

  • It is milk based but it is still lactose-free. This is what I use for my 8 wk old... he is unable to tolerate lactose formulas which is why Enfamil AR isn't an option for us.

  • Similac Sensitive has been awesome for both my children! with my first Child, I tried everything but it seem to be the only Brand and type he could handle. I liked the premade jug. You might try the Sensitive/Lactose free one or the Sensitive for spit-up.